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New Samarkand Metals
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: New Samarkand
Leadership: CEO
Products: battle armor
Division(s) Xinyang

New Samarkand Metals is a steel-making and military hardware provider in the Draconis Combine.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Garden, New Samarkand

President/CEO: Marquis Charles Sadafuji (circa 3025)[2]


The motto of New Samarkand Metals has been "If it's metal, it's Samarkand." During the Succession Wars, when the destruction of planetary infrastructure and the drop in interstellar transportation threatened the supply of ores for steel making, New Samarkand Metals began research on alternate alloys to keep up their production. This resulted in their newest product, Tempered Samarkite. While more difficult to work with in regards to traditional steel, Tempered Samarkite has proven to be equally as strong. The formula and procedures for creating Samarkite is as closely guarded as the Coordinator.[3]

New Samarkand Metals has also long been the key source of germanium for the Draconis Combine. Headquartered on New Samarkand, they have several mining operations throughout the Draconis Combine. In addition to the Combine military market, since 2971 they have supplied raw materials to the Outworlds Alliance. Though the Alliance's recent negotiations with Clan Snow Raven have affected the agreement somewhat, NSM has still been honoring the agreement.[4]

By and large New Samarkand Metals hasn't been affected by the ravages of the Jihad. Their greatest threat has come from local Black Dragon Society cells that appeal to the miners' dissatisfaction with their employers. The ISF has been quick to respond to the disruptions however, and the Dragons will most likely not survive to make trouble in the future.[4]


New Samarkand Metals has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Samarkand[edit]

Components produced on New Samarkand:[5][6][7]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Kage[8] light battle armor
Kage C[6] light battle armor
Raiden[9][8] medium battle armor
Behemoth[5][8] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Demolisher[5][8] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
NK-1C Narukami[7] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Schrek[5][8] Tracked Vehicles - PPC Carrier
Internal Combustion Engine
GM R200 ICE Behemoth[5]
GM SuperLoad 240 ICE Demolisher[5]
Fusion Engine
GoreTex 240 [citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 270 XL Narukami[7]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Maxi I [citation needed]
ArcShield Maxi II Behemoth[citation needed]
ArcShield VII Mk 5 Demolisher and Behemoth[citation needed]
New Samarkand Teppeki Hardened w/CASE Narukami[7]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal Ferro-fibrous Shipped to Luthien for Jenner, Charger and Mauler[5]
Communications System
Olmstead 30 Demolisher and Behemoth[5]
Olmstead 3000 Schrek[5] & Narukami[7]
Omicron 1500 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cirxese RockeCheck [citation needed]
Omicron VI Demolisher[5]
Omicron IX Schrek[5] & Narukami[7]
Cirxese BallistaCheck and RockeCheck Behemoth[5]
Guardian ECM Suite
New Samarkand Nimbus [citation needed]
Gauss Rifle
Grizzard Model 200 Narukami[7]
Lord's Light Narukami[7]
Magna Hellstar Schrek[5]
SarLon MaxiCannon Behemoth[5]
ChemJet Gun 185mm Demolisher[5]
LongFire V Behemoth /Shipped to Al Na'ir for Maxim[5]
Anti-Missile System
Chosatsugai no Kunai Narukami[7]
Melee Weapon [citation needed]


Xinyang was the site of a RetroTech facility owned by New Samarkand Metals. Though it produced 'Mechs for the DCMS the facility was closed by 3079.[10]

Components produced on Xinyang:
Component Type
Kyudo[10] Medium BattleMech - Primitive
Archer[10] Heavy BattleMech- Primitive
Combat Vehicle
Nike[11] Combat Vehicle


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