Newgrange (Individual Union-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union



The Newgrange was a Union-class DropShip officially operated as a civilian merchant transport craft, the craft was destroyed in 3025 on the moon Anvelt after being suspected by the local rulers of actually being a disguised Taurian Concordat military ship smuggling weapons.[1]

there is also likely that the ships Captain was the son of Commodore Samuel Ostergaard[1]


When Kamea ordered the Captain of the Newgrange to surrender, he refused. This would prompt Kamea to order her mercenaries to fire on the fuel cells near the dropship and destroy it completely.


The Newgrange has so far only appeared in the BattleTech (Video Game) by Harebrained Schemes LLC. This source does not meet the current criteria for Canon, and is thus treated as apocryphal at this time.

Incumbent Line Developer Randall N. Bills explicitly stated that it was the intention for this particular game's storyline to be fully canonical. That means that if and when the finished game is released, any information it contains about the Newgrange will likely be declared canonical.


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