Production information
Manufacturer Skobel MechWorks
Production Year 3055[1]
Model NXS1-A
Class Light
Cost 2,226,458 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 25 tons
Chassis Skobel 100-ROB Endo Steel
Armor Krupp 200 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Nissan 175
Communications System Exeter Longscan 200 w/C3i Computer
Speed 118.8 km/h
Jump Jets Rawlings 55
BV (1.0) 626[2]
BV (2.0) 643[3]


The 'Mech known as the Nexus was originally called the Jackrabbit and was built for the Star League Defense Force by Skobel MechWorks. Ironically, the Jackrabbit ended testing two weeks before Stefan Amaris seized power on Terra and was primarily used by units loyal to Amaris against the SLDF in General Kerensky's drive to liberate the Terran Hegemony. The design was later reworked on orders from Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht and renamed the Nexus. The Nexus has a top speed of 119 km/h and is powered by a Nissan 175 fusion engine which is both light and rugged. To save weight without the vulnerability of an extralight engine, the Nexus is built on a Skobel 100-ROB Endo Steel chassis. For protection, the 'Mech carries a light two tons of Krupp 200 Ferro-Fibrous armor, relying on its speed and maneuverability, which is enhanced with a jumping capability of up to one hundred and twenty meters. Finally, to handle the heat from the arsenal of energy weapons, the Nexus carries ten double heat sinks.[4][5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

As a recon 'Mech intended to rarely engage an enemy in a pitched battle, the Nexus is armed with a Blankenburg Technologies Medium Laser backed up by two highly accurate Blankenburg Technologies Medium Pulse Lasers. As a weapon of last resort, the Nexus has two Intek Small Lasers. For added protection against missile attacks, the Nexus has a McArthur Anti-Missile System.[6]


  • NXS1-B 
    A variant of the Nexus that makes the 'Mech more capable as a recon unit, the B variant completely restructures the 'Mechs arsenal and reworks the Nexus into a powerful scout 'Mech. The 'Mech is now capable of jumping up to one hundred and fifty meters and carries two ER Medium Lasers as its primary weapons. These are backed up by an ER Small Laser. What makes this Nexus variant so effective as a recon 'Mech is its Improved C3 unit that allows it to share targeting data with up to five allied units. BV (1.0) = 671[7], BV (2.0) = 715[8]
  • NXS2-A 
    Taking the best of the Nexus B variant, the NXS2-A adds to that a light fusion engine that gives the 'Mech a top speed of 129.6 km/h. This variant, one of the first known as the Nexus II, adds to the 'Mechs armor at three and a half tons of armor. The 'Mech is armed with two ER Medium Lasers, two ER Small Lasers, and is equipped with an Improved C3 unit identical to the one in the NXS1-B. BV (1.0) = 689, BV (2.0) = 702[9]
  • NXS2-B 
    Another version of the Nexus II, the NXS2-B is geared more towards electronic warfare and removes all six of the jump jets of the NXS2-A and replaces them with a Guardian ECM Suite and a Beagle Active Probe. The two ER Small Lasers have been replaced with a TAG target designation laser. BV (1.0) = 620, BV (2.0) = 717[10]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Jackrabbit - The Nexus was based upon the Jackrabbit, a 'Mech designed for the original SLDF that was produced in large numbers for Stefan Amaris' forces. Because of this, the design was largely shunned for centuries after the Amaris Civil War.



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