Nicholas Cassnew

Nicholas Cassnew
ProfessionPrecentor ROM

Nicholas Cassnew served as ComStar's Precentor ROM from 3029 to 3034.[1]


Nicholas Cassnew entered service with the Blessed Order during the later years of the Third Succession War, serving in the organization's intelligence arm ROM during the reign of Primus Julian Tiepolo, Cassnew earning a reputation as an ultra-conservative in comparison to those adhering to Tiepolo's more liberal stance. Following Tiepolo's heart attack and the accension of firebrand Myndo Waterly to the position of Primus, only three days into her primacy Waterly replaced the Tiepolo-loyalist Tojo Jarlath with the much more conservative Cassnew as her new Precentor ROM.[1]

Following the conclusion of the Fourth Succession War, Nicholas Cassnew oversaw ROM during Primus Waterly's efforts to both deploy the newly revealed ComStar Guards and Militia throughout the Inner Sphere and shatter the upcoming merger of House Davion and House Steiner into the Federated Commonwealth. The result was her plan for Operation ROSEBUD, supporting the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic to try and fragment the Inner Sphere while also strengthening the ability of the Draconis Combine to resist the combined FedCom powers, including the promise of aid from Cassnew's ROM to supply FedCom troop movements to the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[1]

Though Cassnew actually played a minor role in ROSEBUD with Primus Waterly personally taking the lead role in negotiations with Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita, following the cooling of relations between ComStar and the Combine over accusations that the other party did not uphold the agreed pact, Waterly would remove Nicholas Cassnew as Precentor ROM in response to "his gross incompentence during the recent dealings with the Draconis Combine". In truth this was little more than an easy pretext allowing Primus Waterly to replace him with a unique "gift" she had received from the Gunji-no-Kanrei - Anastasius Focht - a former general that would provide the practical military experience and leadership needed to allow the Com Guards to become a Inner Sphere-spanning military.[1]


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