Nicholas Kerensky

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Nicholas Kerensky
Born 4 May 2764[1]
Died 7 October 2834[2]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession Founder of the Clans
First ilKhan
Parents Aleksandr Kerensky (father)
Katyusha Lumilova (mother)
Siblings Andery Kerensky
Spouse Jennifer Winson

Nicholas Kerensky (born 4 May 2764 – died 7 October 2834, aged 70 years) was the founder of the Clans and their first ilKhan. He was the elder son and designated heir of the legendary Aleksandr Kerensky, Commanding General of the SLDF.

Known and idolized as the "Great Father" of the Clans, Nicholas Kerensky is a revered, almost saintly figure in Clan history—much of which was forged, falsified, and warped by Nicholas Kerensky himself. In actual truth, he was a sociopath with a troubled childhood that had apparently left him emotionally scarred and with severe psychological issues; he may also have had a genetic disposition since his mother, too, had suffered from psychological issues.

Using deceit and propaganda as means of manipulation and positively embracing harsh dictatorial rule, he would stop at nothing to create what he felt was a perfect utopian society: The Clans.



Nicholas' father was the revered General Aleksandr Kerensky, who passed away in 2801. His mother was Katyusha Kerensky. Nicholas had a younger brother, Andery Kerensky, who was later killed on Eden during Operation KLONDIKE in 2821 under unclear circumstances; some contemporaries felt Nicholas may have had a hand in his brother's death, either by recklessly putting him in danger or through outright plotting to kill him.

Nicholas married Jennifer Winson, ironically at a point where he already actively worked to purge family bonds from his Clan society.

Due to his genetic legacy, Nicholas Kerensky has numerous descendants among Clan Wolf and Clan Wolf-in-Exile. His Bloodname has never been Reaved. The Kerensky name and descendants from the Great Father are shared with a second Bloodname derived from his brother Andery. Nicholas' most famous descendants are Natasha Kerensky and Ulric Kerensky.

Founder of the Clans[edit]

Nicholas Kerensky was the man who formed the Clans between 11 June 2807[3] and 2810[4] from the remnants of the Star League Defense Force. When the warring factions on the Pentagon Worlds refused to follow Nicholas (then the Commander of the 146th Royal BattleMech Division), he led the Second Exodus to the future Clan capital world of Strana Mechty and founded the original twenty Clans.

Viper treachery[edit]

Shortly after the founding of Clan Steel Viper, the first Khan of that Clan, Ellie Kinnison, hatched a mad plot to assassinate ilKhan Kerensky's wife, Jennifer Winson. Kinnison, known to be mentally unstable and fanatically obsessed with Kerensky, reasoned that once Jennifer was dead, a grieving Nicholas would have no choice but to turn to Kinnison for comfort and love.

Kerensky and Winson decided to take a vacation on Arcadia, but also intended to investigate accusations made against the Vipers, particularly Khan Kinnison's policies. When the ilKhan and his wife disembarked from their DropShip, Viper saKhan Steven Breen, who had discovered his Khan's insane plan, opened fire on Kinnison, who had come to greet the ilKhan. During the resulting confusion, only Breen and Winson saw Kinnison draw her own sidearm and aim it at Winson. Breen's next shot killed Kinnison.

For his heroism, Steven Breen was elected as the second Khan of Clan Steel Viper. On ilKhan Kerensky's orders, Ellie Kinnison's name was stricken from all Clan records, and her genetic legacy was destroyed.[5]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

Main article: Operation KLONDIKE

After the Second Exodus, the newly-formed 20 Clans trained for two decades and eventually launched Operation KLONDIKE to retake the Pentagon Worlds from the rebel factions.

At the end of Operation KLONDIKE, Kerensky decided to join Clan Wolf, infuriating Clan Jade Falcon, as the Falcons hoped Kerensky would have joined them.

Wolverine Annihilation[edit]


Nicholas was killed on October 7, 2834, during the Clan Widowmaker Trial of Absorption by Widowmaker Khan Cal Jorgensson in what was an apparent accident. Clan Widowmaker had called for a Trial of Refusal against their absorption by Clan Wolf, and during the fighting Cal Jorgensson wound up dueling Wolf Khan Jerome Winson. Winson was on the verge of winning when a Star of Widowmaker 'Mechs violated the Circle of Equals. As Nicholas Kerensky, piloting his Atlas II, stepped in, his cockpit was incinerated by a stray shot from Jorgensson's Highlander. When his body was extracted from the cockpit, he was already dead.


The death of the ilKhan enraged the warriors of Clan Wolf, who proceeded to wipe out the remaining Widowmaker warriors and absorbed the rest of their Clan. Jorgensson claimed the ilKhan's death was an accident, but was executed anyway.

Two centuries later, in a museum in Strana Mechty dedicated to the Pentagon Wars was preserved a coolant vest of Nicholas Kerensky. As it was bloodstained, it may be assumed it was the one he was wearing when he was killed.[6] His diaries, relating to the Exodus and Clan's foundation, were held still by Clan Wolf in the 31th century.[7]


Nicholas Kerensky was known to pilot an Atlas II, and was piloting one during the Trial that resulted in his death. But in the battle of Barbados, during the Clan Wolverine annihilation, it appears he piloted a Highlander.[8]


We will purge our old ideals and ethics; those belong to the corrupt stars of the Inner Sphere, and will not serve as we begin anew. Now, while our minds are open and yearning for new insight, we must remold them and fill them with the truth of our destiny. For we are destined not only to be different from those we left behind, but also better. My father knew this, and saved us from the holocaust of the Inner Sphere. I accept it as truth, and have returned to lead you, the survivors of this most bitter trial.
  — Nicholas Kerensky to his loyalists on Strana Mechty, 2802[9]

True warriors do not follow paths, they make them. It is not just their desire, it is their nature.[citation needed]

A magnificent beast, the smoke jaguar. It is ferocity unbound, tenacity without limit. Once it locks its powerful jaws around the throat of its prey, it never lets go. The greatest of warriors might be shamed by comparing himself to such fierce courage...

My Clans might learn much from this beast. Like us, it came from Nature, but has been improved by human hands. And now the great cat born on Terra thrives on a world so many light-years away from the planet of its birth that the human mind shudders to contemplate we must. As we will...

The smoke jaguar fights like a true warrior. No deceit, no subterfuge – a single, brutal assault, both open and deadly. A powerful spring from above, a slash of its huge claws across its victim's throat, and its prey lies dead before it. So should all of us fight our enemies – openly, but with overwhelming force. Thus we may win true glory, by defeating the foe in honorable combat. Truly, this great cat is a finer warrior than any human being I have ever seen on the field of battle...!

  — From Birth of a New Society: The Collected Writings of Nicholas Kerensky, Strana Mechty Press, 3025[10]

A truly fearsome beast, the great viper of Arcadia possesses strength and tenacity unmatched by any other predator on that world. It coils around its prey in a crushing embrace, then finishes its kill with a deadly poison. The warriors of the Clan I name Steel Viper show remarkable tenacity in battle and in their service to our great mission. May they continue to serve with unshakable faith, and may their opponents learn to fear the fangs of the Steel Vipers.
  — From Birth of a New Society: The Collected Writings of Nicholas Kerensky, Strana Mechty Press, 3025[11]

It seems inconceivable that everything we have accomplished can be threatened by the actions of individuals within our highest ranks. Khan Kinnison acted against everything the Clans represent and all we strive to achieve. ...It is just such aberrations that Clan society will prevent and control. Fortunately, the Steel Viper ranks also produced an individual capable of seeing and believing in the evil harbored in another's heart, and who acted selflessly to dispense proper justice to such a traitor. Count yourselves fortunate, Steel Vipers, that your Clan survives by virtue of a pure majority. ...I nominate Star Colonel Steven Breen as Khan of Clan Steel Viper. ...As your ilKhan, I claim the right to strike the name Kinnison forever from all records past and present. The tainted genes of that accursed line shall be cast out and destroyed as well.
  — Origin of the Trial of Abjuration, after an assassination attempt on Nicholas Kerensky's wife, Jennifer Winson[12]

Our victories here have proved the rightness of the Way of the Clans; let it always be so among those of the True Faith. Let these few words always announce our coming and portend our victory.
  — Speaking on Clan Liberation Day, May 26, 2822

Kerensky [ilKhan]: My honorable friend, the Khan from Clan Wolverine, continues to ignore the decisions of this body as verified by the recent Trial. I do not care that the cache is of the 331st Royal Division, her father's command. This body is agreed that the caches are a resource belonging to the Clans as a whole. In the old order, her paternal loyalty would be commended, but this not the old order. We are the Clans. We stand on our own merits, not those of our ancestors.

Sarah McEvedy [Wolverine]: Except you.

Kerensky [ilKhan]: I beg your pardon?

McEvedy: I said, except you. You seem perfectly happy to bask in your father's achievements. He was a visionary who sought justice and peace for all. You seek control.

Mitchell Loris [Mongoose]: Khan McEvedy, you go too far.

McEvedy: Do I? I know many of you in this chamber found our ilKhan's actions to secure control of the Pentagon population offensive. The Star League did not believe in torture and brutality. Those are the tools of power hungry madmen. Is that what you have become, Nicholas Kerensky? A power hungry madman?

[Raised voices from all parties]

Kerensky: SILENCE! McEvedy, Khan of Clan Wolverine, I, Nicholas Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans, do call for a Trial of Grievance. By our law, you may...

McEvedy: Hang your laws. Does the truth hurt so much, Nicholas?

Kerensky: Fellow Khans, our colleague is clearly overwrought. I call for a vote of censure. Loremaster Ward, please...

McEvedy: Don't bother, Nicholas. I'll leave. In fact, we'll all leave. Clan Wolverine no longer recognizes the authority of the ilKhan or the Grand Council. From this point forward, we are an independent power. We decide our own fate, fairly and according to the morals and standards of the Star League.

Kerensky: You cannot do this.

McEvedy: I can and I have.

[McEvedy moves to leave.]

Kerensky: Arrest her!

[McEvedy draws her pistol; the Khans and security guards back off. A detachment of Wolverine troops arrives.]

McEvedy: If you want to face us, fine. But we will not hold back. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.

[McEvedy storms out]

Kerensky: My Khans, we face a serious decision...

  — Excerpt from Grand Council security tape (uncensored version), October 8, 2823, as recorded in Clan Wolf records and reported by Phelan Kell.[13] (Note: Official record was doctored on orders of Nicholas Kerensky.)

Those who break faith with the Unity shall go down to darkness.
  — The Grand Council votes for a Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine, October 11, 2823

The darkness is behind us, the light is ahead.

Strive toward it, for it is the way."
Said our Founder, Nicholas.
"Be ever vigilant
and rely on your strengths:
Faith, which preserves us;
Knowledge, which gives us power;
Understanding, which lets us know our foes;
Courage, which lets us face the darkness without fear.

  — The Remembrance (Clan Wolf), Passage 10, Verse 9, Lines 1-10

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
none (founder)
ilKhan of the Clans
9 June 2815 – 7 October 2834[14]

Succeeded by
Jerome Winson



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