Nicholas Kinnol

Nicholas Kinnol
AffiliationStar League Defense Force
RankCommanding General

Nicholas Kinnol was the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force from 2598 to 2646.[1][2]


General Kinnol was appointed to this position by First Lord Nicholas Cameron after General Carlos Dangmar Lee stepped down following the conclusion of the Reunification War. In the following years of peace and economic boom, General Kinnol took up the opportunity to rebuild the SLDF and finish shaping it as had been intended. The most controversial part of this was the refusal of accepting trained soldiers from the member state armies and the reassertion of the legal right to create recruiting stations on any planet, which would accept any who wished to apply. The Council Lords decried this as an attempt to interfere with their internal affairs, but the First Lord agreed with him, and issued Executive Order 34 to reaffirm this right.[1]

By the time General Kinnol retired, the SLDF had doubled in size, its divisions filled with soldiers who were loyal to the Star League above all others.[1] Kinnol had also expanded the SLDF dramatically and overseen the construction of SLDF facilities throughout the Inner Sphere. Amongst the other instutions that were established by Kinnol and which would survive him were the Star League Exploration Command (SLEC) and the Martial Olympiads, with the first Martial Olympiad being held in 2640.[3]

The SLEC was a sub-command within the Star League Navy and was tasked with surveying star systems both inside and outside the Inner Sphere, charting worlds in the voids between the various settled planets of the various member states and identifying new worlds for colonization or exploration in the Periphery. The SLEC identified numerous worlds that became valuable sources of raw materials, hundreds of which became the sites of new colonies.[3]


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