Nightshade (Conventional Fighter)

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Night Shade.png
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Equipment Rating
Use Ground attack
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost ???
Introduced ???
Technical specifications
Mass ???
Engine (Type) ???
Fuel ???
Armament 2x SRM 2[1]
Armor Standard
Crew 1?
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A


The Nightshade is a FedCom Conventional Fighter used in MechWarrior 4 by both sides of the conflict. In the field, its high maneuverability does not make up for its weak armor and light armament; as a result, these fighters have quite high casualty rates.[2]


The Nightshade is armed with only two SRM 2s.[3]


No known variants of the Nightshade exist.


Being mentioned only in an apocryphal source (the video game MechWarrior 4), the Nightshade must consequentially be considered apocryphal as well.



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