Nihongi Kurita

Nihongi Kurita
Character Profile
Born 2336[1]
Died April 2396[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Position Coordinator of Worlds
Profession Noble
Parents Tenno Kurita (father)
Siblings Kinkaku Kurita[1]
Children Robert Kurita
Marika Kurita
Sanyu Kurita
Parker Kurita
Saigo Kurita
Lenore Kurita

Nihongi Kurita was the third Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.


While his father Tenno reigned, the vain and petty Nihongi thought of nothing but succeeding his father as Coordinator. When his aunt Omi Kurita was killed by Rasalhagian terrorists in December 2375, Nihongi encouraged his father's decision to commit seppuku a few months later.

From the time he gained the throne in March 2376 until his death twenty years later, Nihongi proved to be a weak and lackluster ruler. The position he had coveted so desperately now proved worthless to him, and Nihongi could do little more than petulantly demand obedience from everybody. Unlike his legendary grandfather or competent father, Nihongi accomplished nothing of note in his entire reign.

Nihongi's sole achievements in life were in the realm of horse-riding and horse-breeding, a pastime which he indulged while neglecting his duties as Coordinator. This indifference aroused concern throughout the Combine, and by November 2393 several factions devoted to his removal (peacefully or otherwise) had arisen. Nihongi's more industrious son Robert was among the plotters preparing to kill him, but Nihongi abruptly solved the problem for everybody by falling and breaking his neck while horse-riding. Robert was thus able to mount the throne without resorting to patricide.[2]


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