Nihongi von Rohrs

Nihongi von Rohrs
Nihongi von Rohrs
BornMay 2394[1]
AffiliationHouse von Rohrs
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
ParentsWerner von Rohrs (father)
Marika Kurita (mother)
ChildrenSeveral; one was Kozo von Rohrs[2]

Nihongi von Rohrs was the sixth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine and first of the infamous House Von Rohrs Coordinators.


Born in May 2394 as the child of an affair between Marika Kurita and one of her father's stable hands, Werner von Rohrs.[3]

He was raised mostly in secret and learned of and came to hate Coordinator Robert Kurita, the man who had killed his father. Although Robert was assassinated in 2412, Nihongi still sought revenge, settling on a guiltless target: Parker Kurita. When in 2419 Saigo Kurita died, Nihongi discovered that he was the eldest surviving male in the New Samarkand Kurita bloodline.[3]

Nihongi Von Rohrs began plotting against the Kurita line. He made friends with some ambitious and greedy officers to whom he made promises of high positions to persuade them to assist him in a coup against Parker Kurita. He would seize the Coordinatorship by overthrowing and then executing Parker Kurita in March, 2421.[3] He was 27 years old when he assumed the Coordinatorship.[2]

After the coup and the additional killing of some of his conspirators, he exiled all immediate members of the Kurita line.[3]

Nihongi stopped using his own name within a year of his accession. Throughout the rest of the Von Rohrs period, the Coordinators of that family went only by their surname. Always fearful of possible retaliation, Nihongi and his descendants lived out their lives in the strictly guarded seclusion of the New Samarkand palace grounds.[2]

He got help from Jason Kurita, but when rebellion started to cause trouble in his region and Jason sent his troops back, Nihongi had him stripped of his rank and taken to him. He did not arrive as Daniel Sorenson killed Jason in self-defense.[4]

Nihongi had to face the hostility from Daniel Sorenson as loyal opposition to his rule, but could not dislodge him from his position of power even though Sorenson tried to take him out of his place.[4]

Nihongi removed and executed competent corporate and mercantile leaders and replaced them with inept but loyal friends and stooges. He also dealt with the slightest criticism from anyone in the harshest possible manner: entire families, from grandparents through grandchildren, were executed if even a single family member spoke out against the Von Rohrs government.[5]


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