Production information
Manufacturer New Samarkand Metals
Production Year 3079
Mission Anti-Aircraft
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 90 Tons
Armor BAR 9
Engine Fuel Cell (Electric)
Speed 54 km/h
Heat Sinks None
BV (2.0) 688[1]


Renna Palmira, from New Samarkand Metals on Xinyang designed the Nike as an alternative to the expensive Partisan.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The armor vehicle focuses on firepower rather than the command and coordination abilities of later Partisan models. By using less-expensive technology, customers who couldn't afford a Partisan still get a solid anti-aircraft platform. Using a modified support vehicle chassis, a Fuel Cell engine provides a top speed of 54 kp/h while thirteen tons of BAR 9 armor provides protection against most weaponry. Offensively, the Nike carries a pair of Light AC/2s and a pair of LB 5-X ACs with each weapon backed by a two ton ammunition bay. Due to the bulkier nature of some components the Nike weighs 90 tons - ten tons heavier than its inspiration.[1]

Related Vehicles[edit]

  • Partisan - The tank that served as inspiration of the Nike.


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