Nikol Halas-Hughes

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Nikol Halas-Hughes
Character Profile
Also known as "Nikol Marik"
Born 3110[1]
Affiliation House Halas-Hughes
Rank Captain-General
Profession Noble
Parents Philip Hughes (father)
Jessica Halas (mother)
Siblings Janos IV

Nikol Marik is a 32nd Century noblewoman, and later Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.


Early Life[edit]

Nikol was the fifth and youngest child born to Jessica Marik and Philip Hughes.[2] While growing up, people remarked at how close her appearance was to that of her mother when she was as young as Nikol.[1]

Growing up as the fifth in line to throne of the Oriente Protectorate, gave her the freedom to choose her own way in life. She took that freedom to become a warrior. She trained herself to become a MechWarrior and a battlefield strategist.[1]


The unfortunate death of her older brother Janos, and her siblings being catapulted into situations away from the throne, made Nikol her mother's preferred successor. Fate has decided that instead of a warrior, she will become the heir of the Oriente Protectorate.

When the funeral for Victor Steiner-Davion was going to take place on Terra in 3135, Nikol's mother insisted that she join her on the trip. On the trip, Jessica began to test and educate Nikol in the ways of diplomacy which would help her in the future as Captain-General. Before reaching Terra, they made a quick stop on Asellus Australis where Nikol witnessed firsthand her mother's efforts to persuade Asellus Australis and the neighboring system leaders to join the Protectorate.

While at the funeral on Terra, Nikol had a chance to meet young nobles from all of the Inner Sphere Great Houses, as well as attendees from the Clans. During the event she first met Danai Liao-Centrella and they quickly became great friends. In addition to the meet and greet, she was able to see her mother's rivals for the throne of the Free Worlds League, Anson Marik and Lester Cameron-Jones. She also was present at a secret meeting between her mother and Daoshen Liao which centered on plans for how both of their nations would be able to take worlds from the Republic of the Sphere.[citation needed]

In 3136, Danai arrived on Oriente for a diplomatic mission, however, Jessica Marik acted harshly toward Danai, due to the actions that House Liao had taken in violation of the unwritten agreement they had agreed upon on Terra. Nikol, not agreeing with how her mother was acting towards her friend, reaches out to Danai. Danai confesses to Nikol that she was raped by Caleb Davion. Nikol was a witness at the treaty negotiations between the Capellan Confederation and the Oriente Protectorate, formalizing the arrangement between Daoshen and Jessica on Terra.[citation needed]

Military Command[edit]

To expand the border of the Protectorate, Nikol was given command of her mother's elite Eagle's Talons battalion to conduct a campaign to conquer surrounding independent worlds. When the campaign started in January 3137, her forces were quick to annex three worlds; Asellus Australis, Oceana, and Angell II. Her forces were also able to intercept aerospace assets of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth which were on the way to relieve the beleaguered world of Marik. When her task force arrived in the Marik system, they found that their actions allowed the Spirit Cats to take control of the planet which is now under the domain of both the Cats and Clan Sea Fox.

She would return to Oriente with her older sister Julietta, who was an envoy to the Spirit Cats. When they arrived on world, her family suffered an assassination attempt which resulted in the death of Janos. Jessica speculated that the assassin was sent from a rival leader who wanted to prevent her attempt at reforming the Free Worlds League.

Relief Mission[edit]

In 3138, Nikol was detached from the Eagle's Talons and given a new assignment from her mother. Her new position was to create "Liberation Units" on the former worlds of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in an effort to incorporate them into the Protectorate's government. In addition, she was instructed to find any forces from the Commonwealth that survived during the Lyran-Wolf invasion and convince them to join the forces of the Oriente Protectorate.

While on her travels, she was able to make contacts on Clan Wolf, Lyran Commonwealth, and other non-Oriente worlds. On her travels, she became more and more dedicated to helping the people by delivering aid. She would give herself the unofficial title of Minister-General while providing humanitarian aid.[3]

Her travels brought her to New Hope where she found the Silver Hawk Irregulars' base. She was able to convince them to join the forces of the Oriente Protectorate, as well as support her mother's bid to reunify the Free Worlds League. At the same time, her mother married Thaddeus Marik in a political arrangement to become a true "Marik" and have the weight of the name to recreate the League. Nikol and her siblings were formally adopted by Thaddeus, which made them a part of the "Marik" family.

Rebirth of Free Worlds League[edit]

When the Free Worlds League was resurrected, Nikol's mother wanted to get her ready for when she would take the throne. To do this, Nikol was given the position of Minister-General in July 3139. As Minister-General, Nikol's job was to preside over the parliament of the rebuilt government, as well as handling all of the domestic affairs within the League. After her mother was assassinated in the 3148, Nikol succeeded her as Captain-General of the League.[4][1]

On 21 March 3148, Parliament passed Resolution 39, allowing Nikol to be both Captain-General and Warden-General "[f]or the duration of the crisis now confronting the Free Worlds League".[5]

IlClan Era[edit]

Nikol was making a visit to planet Marik in June of 3151, when she received an unexpected visit: a convoy, carrying all the surviving Wolf's Dragoons from the Battle of Terra. Their new leader, Colonel Henry Kincaid, requested a meeting, and on 13 June, Nikol met him and his aide, Captain Haya Tetsuhara, on Marik's Nadir recharge station. Kincaid told her of Clan Wolf's victory, and offered her a full report, along with several Republic Areses, in exchange for the Dragoon having use of Nockatunga recharge station as a transshipment point. Nikol guessed the Dragoons planned to attack the Empire, and said she wanted to keep the peace with the Wolves. Kincaid corrected her, telling than the league wasn't at peace, but at a strategic pause. Though reluctantly, Nikol accepted the deal.[6]

On 2 June 3152, on Atreus, Nikol assisted at a meeting with SAFE agents, along with General William Arnold, being informed that the fight between the Empire and one of the League's provinces had died down. After dismissing the agents, Nikol talked with the general. Despite her efforts, several League provinces had invaded the Empire and took Wolf planets easily. She had even lost her dear friend, Makeda Kay, and was deeply affected. Then she realized that Kincaid had been right, and that she had nothing to win by waiting, so he ordered Arnold to plan a full invasion of the Empire, and to try to contract the Dragoons. Clan Sea Fox had offered to broker a truce in the region in exchange for repairing inactive HPGs, but she rejected it.[7]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Minister-General of the Free Worlds League
3139- late 3139

Succeeded by
Kenyon Marik
Preceded by
Thaddeus Marik
Warden-General of the Free Worlds League
3139- 3148

Succeeded by
Kenyon Marik
Preceded by
Jessica Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
3148 -

Succeeded by



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