Nikolai Koniev

Nikolai Koniev when Black Widow Company deploys to leave New Delos
Nikolai Koniev
Character Profile
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession MechWarrior

Nikolai Koniev was a member of Black Widow Company.[1]


He served as an aide to Colonel Jaime Wolf until he was caught embezzling regimental funds. He was given two options, join the Black Widow Company or face exile from the Inner Sphere.[1]

He joined the Black Widow Company and in 3021 was bested by "a bunch of kids" in a raid on Doneval II, something he never lived down.[2] He participated during the combat drop the Black Widow Company made to attack New Delos and capture Anton Marik,[3] and was still in the unit in 3025.[1]

Since then, he has worked very hard to gain back his position, taking heavy risks in combat when there are witness that can point it out to high command.[1]

He fought with the rest of the Dragoons on Misery, Glenmora, and Crossing.[4]

He was kept in the unit when it expanded to the Black Widow Battalion. He fought on Tsinghai, Wallacia, Kujari, and Gei-Fu, and was still a member when the unit was reorganized to follow Clan norms.[5]


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