Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited

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Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Baron (Dalton)[1]
Leadership: CEO
Products: Aerospace fighters
Small craft
Division(s) Lapida II

Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited is an interstellar manufacturer of DropShips, as well as light and medium BattleMechs. Though based in the Free Worlds League, Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited primarily exports BattleMechs to the Draconis Combine.


Early Times[edit]

Founded during the glory days of the original Star League on the Free Worlds League world of Tematagi, Nimakachi's influences spanned across entire breadth of the League, like many corporations of the day. The Draconis Combine was the company's largest foreign market, and in 2602 Nimakachi purchased the bankrupt Sendai mining complex on Lapida II, using the complex's mining tunnels as factory spaces. Nicknamed "Tematagi Minor" by many in the company, the subterranean facility proved to be a significant deterrent against raiding, military strategists instead suggesting any smart raiders would focus on hijacking the DropShips shipping the completed products off-world.[1][2]

The business grew to win contracts with both the DCMS and the Star League Defense Force. The company produced limited quantities of advanced DropShip designs, such as the Model 96 Elephant-class tug/assault DropShip.[3]

Succession Wars and Thirty-first Century[edit]

After the Star League collapsed, Nimakachi entered the realm of BattleMech manufacture during the early decades of the Succession Wars era, charged by the Free Worlds League Parliament with producing the Spider and Vulcan, two SLDF designs the FWLM had captured from the collapsing Terran Hegemony, in exchange for exclusive rights to their technical data. The company later expanded production of the Spider to Lapida II, as well as beginning manufacture of the well-regarded Warhammer. Like many companies, by the Third Succession War the technological decline had begun to effect Nimakachi's output, with the poor condition of the Lapida II plant slowing production to a trickle and the company forced to suspend production of the Warhammer on the eve of the Fourth Succession War.[1]

Nimakachi's fortunes improved dramatically with the Clan Invasion, giving the company access to recovered LosTech and massively increased demand from the desperate DCMS, the output of both League and Combine Spider lines almost entirely going to the rebuilding Combine military. Recognizing that merely increasing production of its existing designs would not ensure future orders when the fighting slowed down, Nimakachi also looked to developing entirely new designs, first with the Spider-based Venom and later the four-legged Bishamon.

The company expanded DropShip production at its Dalton orbital yards to include a civilian cargo version of the Condor transport, the Stork.[1]

While the underground nature of the Lapida II plant protected it from Word of Blake assault, the Tematagi factory was one of many victims of the Jihad, destroyed by the Order of the Faithful pirate band in 3069.[4][5] With Tematagi inside the borders of the newly independent Rim Commonality, that nation's desperate need for a homegrown manufacturer of military hardware led them to spend considerable effort to woo the company back, ultimately successful with additional funding from the Duchy of Oriente in return for a fixed percentage of the rebuilt factory's output. By 3085, the partially rebuilt plant was producing Spiders and Fleas, with Nimakachi making plans to produce Vulcans and Scorpions when additional lines were rebuilt.[6]

After the Jihad ended, the Stork-class DropShip became one of Nimakachi's best sellers, with a complete production line at the Dalton yard.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

Nimakachi was chosen to produce the Aquila aerospace fighter for the Rim Commonality and the Oriente Protectorate. Those two governments split development costs and received production output from the Dalton production line. The fighter was introduced at the start of the Victoria War, and production remained brisk through 3145.[8]

Manufacturing Centers[edit]

Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Oshika:[9]
Component Type
Spider[9] BattleMech
Bishamon[9] BattleMech
Venom[9] BattleMech


The Dalton plant was completely undamaged by the Jihad and operating at full strength in 3079.[10]

Components produced on Dalton:[11][12]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighter
AQA-1M Aquila[11] Medium aerospace fighter
Condor[12][1][7] DropShip
Stork[1][7] DropShip
Octopus[3][1][7] DropShip
Interplanetary Drive - Small Craft
Pitban 300a [citation needed]
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Merlin [citation needed]
Pitban 1350-XRB [citation needed]
Pitban 1250-XRB Condor[12]
Nimakachi Model IC Aquila[11]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 275 XL Aquila[11]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
ArcShield IX AO Ferro-Aluminum Aquila[11]
Communications System
Lassitor-5A Aquila[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret S6g Aquila[11]
Light Gauss Rifle
Oriente MagCoil Model E Light Aquila[11]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Aquila[11]

Lapida II[edit]

The Lapida II factories are located underground to protect the workers and the machinery from the world's tainted atmosphere.[13] In 3079 these factories were operating at approximately 80% of their pre-Jihad output.[14]

Components produced on Lapida II:[15][16]
Component Type
SDR-5V Spider Light BattleMech[13]
SDR-5K Spider Light BattleMech[13]
SDR-7K Spider Light BattleMech[13]
SDR-7K2 Spider Light BattleMech[13]
SDR-7M Spider Light BattleMech[13]
SDR-9K Venom Light BattleMech[13]
BSN-3K Bishamon Medium BattleMech[13]


Components formerly produced on Lesnovo:[17]
Component Type
Primitive BattleMechs
WSP-1 Wasp[17] Primitive light BattleMech
SHD-1R Shadow Hawk[17] Primitive medium BattleMech
WVR-1R Wolverine[17] Primitive medium BattleMech


Components formerly produced on Tematagi:[18][19][20]
Component Type
SDR-7M Spider[18] Light BattleMech
SDR-7K Spider[citation needed] Light BattleMech
SDR-7K2 Spider[citation needed] Light BattleMech
SDR-9K Venom[20] Light BattleMech
SDR-9KA Venom[20] Light BattleMech
SDR-9KB Venom[20] Light BattleMech
VT-5M Vulcan[18] Medium BattleMech
BSN-3K Bishamon[19] Medium BattleMech
WHM-7M Warhammer[21] Heavy BattleMech
WHM-8D Warhammer


Heavy BattleMech
Fortune VII Endo Steel Bishamon[19]
Crucis-II Newhart Refit Venom[20]
Crucis-II Delux Endo Steel Vulcan & Spider[18]
Fusion Engine
Magna 240 Vulcan & Spider[18]
Pitban 240 [citation needed]
VOX 280 [citation needed]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 315 XL Bishamon[19]
VOX 280 XL Venom[20]
VOX 280 XL [citation needed]
VOX 330 XL [citation needed]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 75 Vulcan, Spider[18] & Venom[20]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)]
Nimakachi Type 3 Bishamon[19]
Kallon Royalstar Vulcan[18]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Kallon FWL Special Ferro-fibrous Spider[18] & Venom[20]
Communications System
Omicron 4002 Networking Channel Vulcan, Spider[18] & Venom[20]
Omicron 5000 Bishamon[19]
Targeting-Tracking System
Eagle Eye B-18 Bishamon[19]
TRSS Eagle Eye Vulcan, Spider[18] & Venom[20]
Medium Pulse Laser
Tronel XII Vulcan, Spider, Ostsol field refit[18] & Venom[20]
Large Pulse Laser
Tronel PPL-20 Vulcan, shipped to Gibson & Wallis for Marauder[18]
Tronel XIII Ostsol field refit[18]
Machine Gun
LFN Lindblad Vulcan, shipped to Asuncion & Bernardo for Crusader[18]
Anti-Missile System
LFN Lindblad Shotgun Shipped to Asuncion & Bernardo for Crusader and used in Ostsol field refit[18]


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