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Nine-two Commando

Nine-two Commando
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command

The Nine-two Commando mercenary unit is a small command, barely a reinforced company in size, that specializes in covert operations and operates out of a customized Aurora-class DropShip, the Radiance. It is not known when it was founded, but it was active in the Dark Age.[1]


Their most well-known action was on Marcus in 3144 under contract to the Republic Remnant. Their mission was to infiltrate a pirate outpost that was too strong for the detachment of the VII Hastati Sentinels deployed on planet to take on alone. Using guile and tactics the Nine-two feigned an attack with their Quirinus battle armor and borrowed APCs to draw the forces our of the pirate compound. The unit's Infiltrator Mk II platoon was then inserted into the base by stealth VTOLs while the Quirinus troopers and Hastati sprung their own ambush. The few surviving pirates fled into the wilderness, conceding the firebase to the attackers.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Nine-two Commando

Other Unit Officers[edit]


The unit's specialization is in covert and special operations, with contracts that never last more than a month or two. Their rates are... well they command rates that an infantry battalion would envy.[1]



Composition History[edit]


Nine-two Commando (1 Reinforced Company)[1]


  • The unit is known to deploy battle armor of different models plus VTOLs.
  • The unit possesses at least one Aurora-class DropShip, the Radiance.


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