Noemi McKibben

Noemi McKibben (b. 30?? - d. 3??? ) was a Galaxy Commander for Clan Coyote, serving her Clan as of 3085.


A veteran of Clan Coyote, Noemi McKibben was a Star Colonel during the reign of Khan Sullivan Koga, commanding the 55th Reserve Strike Cluster. She saw heavy action on Huntress in 3062, defending Epsilon Galaxy's landing zone from multiple attacks. Though they claimed ProtoMech technology from Clan Star Adder, Khan Koga would not leave Huntress alive.[1][2]


After the Coyotes' subduing at the hands of Clan Steel Viper in December of 3074,[3] they would face a multitude of punishments for their role as supporters of the Society. One of these punishments was a measure that called for each Coyote warrior who could not be positively identified as having fought against the Society and their backers to face a Trial of Cleansing. Realizing how much this measure would cost the Coyotes' already decimated Touman, Noemi McKibben - by now holding the rank of Galaxy Commander[4] - would be chosen to fight the Trial of Refusal. Commanding the 69th Strike Cluster, Galaxy Commander McKibben fought against the 1st Viper Guards, ultimately losing the hard-fought trial on the Plains of Katyusha of Strana Mechty.[5]

Coyote on the Prowl[edit]

Though the struggle against the Society was over by 3077, small, hidden Society enclaves were still being uncovered. The planet Ironhold was found to still be a hotbed of hidden Society activity, even years after the downfall of the Society as a greater entity. Galaxy Commander McKibben - eager to erase the stain of the "False Khan" Elliot McKibben to her Bloodname House's honor - would lead the 69th Strike Cluster in assaulting the Ironhold enclaves.[4] Splitting her forces, Galaxy Commander McKibben took two trinaries with her, sending the rest of the Cluster against the other targets. It was not long until McKibben's force made contact with the enemy. Engaged by a Trey of Septicemias, a full Sept then smashed their flanks. The Coyotes attacked this living representation of blight to their Clan's honor with great fury, destroying all enemies, but at a cost of half their own forces. Her remaining Trinary marched on to the enclave, assaulting it with a vengeance. Moving from building to building, all were cut down. McKibben later reported that an entire sibko of malformed humans was also destroyed. They also reported that the enclave was still using Clan Jade Falcon genetic heritages, though everything would be cleansed with fire by the attackers. The rest of her Cluster would report heavy fighting in the Peregrine mountains, though they would take the mountain enclave with minimal losses. By the next day, both enclaves were reduced to ash.[4]

McKibben's Bloodname House, which originated in Clan Wolf and was part of an exchange of warriors earlier during their history, was finally cleared for activation in the Clan eugenics program in 3089, one of the last to be found free of taint in Clan Coyote.[1][6]


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