Non-core Rules Index

The current rules are depicted in the core rule books (Total Warfare, TechManual, Tactical Operations, Strategic Operations, A Time of War, and Classic BattleTech Universe[1]), but prior to and during the development of this re-branding of the BattleTech gaming line, numerous other publications were released with rules that would not be covered in or were significantly different than those presented in these main titles.

This article is intended to provide an index of those Non-core rules, with the title of the source material. By word-searching for expected terms, the rules here might be identified quicker than skimming through the multiple relevant titles. Effort has been made to provide the exact same wording as used in the source material.







  • Personal Equipment: K-Series Interstellar Communications Device "Black Box" FAX Machine, Field Utility PAB-27 Combat Armor, Federated-Barrett M42B Rifle System, Federated-Barrett M61A Laser Rifle Combat System, Federated-Barrett M345B3 "Thunderstroke II" Gauss Rifle, Serrek Arms 7875D Automatic Pistol (Handbook: House Davion)
  • Personal Equipment: Anti-Aircraft Weapons (Handbook: House Marik)
  • Personal Equipment: Pequod Mk I/Mk II Harpoon Guns, Vibro-Mace, Breaching Frame, Patchwork Enviro-Suit, Stasis Tube (Handbook: Major Periphery States)
  • Personal Equipment: M&G G-150 Hunting Rifle, TK "Enforcer" Semi-Automatic Pistol, Star King Gyroslug Carbine , Maxell PL-10 Laser Rifle (Handbook: House Steiner)
  • Personal Equipment: Apple-Churchill Personal Surveillance Kit,Apple-ChurchillPersonal Mine Detector, Ceres Arms Slasher Combat Knife, Ceres Arms Stalker Sniper Rifle, Ceres Arms Striker Carbine (Handbook: House Liao)





  • Unit Generation (Field Manual: Draconis Combine, Field Manual: Free Worlds League)
  • Unit Types: Gauss Infantry, GM/Rowell "Apocalypse" World Rover, Pintel Heavy Combat ATV, Antares Series AS-17 C3ISR Satellite, Generic Expendable Services Vehicle, Rapier-class Patrol Destroyer (Handbook: House Davion)
  • Unit Types: Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform, Hector Road Train, Ibex RV, Anti-Air Infantry, Argo (Handbook: House Marik)
  • Unit Types: Tariq-Mounted Infantry, MSF-42 Bluehawk/ASF-23 Protector Combat Support Fighters, Taurian TIG-15 "Tigress" Close Patrol Craft (Gunboat), Princess-class Luxury Liner, Aqueduct-class Liquid Carrier, Snowden Mining Facility (Handbook: Major Periphery States)
  • Unit Types: Defiance Bluestreak, LC-100 "Astrolux" Staryacht, Flechette Infantry, Lockheed AB-18C "Roubvogel" Aerobomber, Jormungand-class Bluewater Cruiser (Handbook: House Steiner)
  • Unit Types: C-904 Katya Ground Assault Craft, Mówáng-class Courier, Crucible Station, Andryusha-class Bombardment Frigate, Hong Lung Interdiction Station (Handbook: House Liao)



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