Norman Gibson

Norman Gibson
Affiliation House Gibson
Title(s) Baron

Norman Gibson was a noble from the Free Worlds League.[1]


He ruled a barony on Marcus and was the head of the Blakist installed government.

When the planet was liberated by Stone's Coalition, he was detained, along several other people marked as collaborators and by 3080 he was put to trial accused of war crimes, abuse of power, murder and false imprisonment after Keith Dresden, a seasoned investigator, and his team spent a lot of time investigating the planet's records and interviewing survivors.

The prosecution, represented by Myles Hobbs presented a case where evidence indicated that the baron allowed over four thousand Marcus' citizens to be held without charges, in Word of Blake reeducation camps, and had tied the Baron to the deaths of over three hundred people, either in those camps, or elsewhere on the planet. His defender, Mary Anne Raplaza, said that the Baron had been forced to do that under threat of a slow and painful death more than once by Blakists.[1]


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