Normann Aris

Normann Aris
Character Profile
Born 2570[1]
Died 2611[1]
Affiliation House Aris
Position Chancellor
Profession Noble

Normann Franklen Aris was an executive of Earthwerks Limited who was selected Chancellor by the Prefectorate.


Normann Aris was an executive at Earthwerks Limited who oversaw production of several BattleMech designs. He was also a follower of the Korvin Doctrine.


One of Ursula Liao's most unpopular edicts was the creation of the "cattle tax" near the end of the Reunification War. The SLDF was required to pay a tax on every soldier passing through the Confederation. The Confederation was the main transport route for forces heading to the Periphery, which meant that the other states of the Star League were paying more money to offset the costs incurred by the Confederation.

The Reunification War came to an end, and the cattle tax revenue disappeared. The revenue from other industries that supported the Reunification War also disappeared. This led to the Confederation's economy entering a deep recession. To counteract this Chancellor Aris decreed the creation of compulsory organization. Compulsory organization was a system of socialized labor that allowed the state to assign any citizen to any task that needed to be done. Though Aris thought it would streamline the Confederation's industrial sector, the reality was that a few people gamed the system to ensure that they had more power and prestige at the expense of those below them. Aris fought these imbalances wherever they were found and had inquisitors who were highly skilled in rooting out corruption. His death on Nanking in 2611 prevented any serious modification to these rules.[2]


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