Verthandi (Norn)
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Norn nearby systems
Norn nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -54.816 : 395.97[e]
Spectral class K2[1]
Recharge time 193 hours [2]
Planets 3[citation needed]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Norn System[edit]

Norn is a K2 class star, cooler, smaller, and redder than Sol. It is located in the border reaches of the Tamar Pact region of the Lyran Commonwealth close to the Draconis Combine border. Three worlds circle the primary, along with the usual collection of asteroidal debris and cometary junk.

Norn I, named Skuld, is a cloud-shrouded terrestrial planet with a hot and poisonous atmosphere. Urth, Norn III, is a glacial terrestrial world of frozen ammonia seas and methane gales.

Norn II (Verthandi)[edit]

Also known as Norn II
System position Second[1]
Moons 1 (Verthandi-Alpha)[48][18]
Equatorial temperature Arid
History and Culture
Government and Infrastructure
Capital Regis[citation needed]

Verthandi also known as Norn II, is the second of three worlds that orbit a K2 class sun in the Norn system. Between these extremes of fire and ice, arid Verthandi is a terrestrial nearly the size of Terra. It has an orbit close to the inner boundary of Norn's habitable zone. Here, water remained liquid, but its sun's long days and high percentage of infrared made a desert of most of Verthandi's surface.

Verthandi's presettlement history features an impact by an asteroid that struck near Verthandi's north pole forming a large impact crater basin named the Silvan Basin. The impact hurled molten chunks of dense matter for thousands of kilometers into secondary impacts in the southern desert.

The Silvan Basin is now filled with jungle and is the site of the Azure Sea. Within the Silvan Basin the land slopes down sharply from the encircling high ground plateaus and rugged mountains. At the northern base of the slope, in a narrow circle clear around the world's pole at roughly 60° north, is a fertile zone where erosion from the southern slopes combined with runoff from the spring floods on the high plateaus. The land here was wet, laced with swamps and stretches of tropical undergrowth far more impenetrable than any true jungle. The southern hemisphere is largely desert.

Verthandi's largest body of water is the Azure Sea. The sea is surrounded by jungles and swamp.

Mineral surveys on Verthandi in the early 3020's found significant rich economic mineral deposits resulting from the asteroid strike.

Verthandi's atmosphere is a breathable nitrogen-oxygen mixture.

In 3020 Verthandi was considered a Lostech world with its people dependent on others for transport and commerce. Primary industries are agriculture and manufacturing which supports agriculture and local commerce. The main agricultural products from the fertile Silvan Basin are lumber and coffee. Verthandi also produces kevla, blueleaf, and garlbean as well as bananas, sugarcane, cotton, and grovacas. Further into the swamps are clearings for rice, rubber, and jute. High along the basin slopes, the steep-sided jungle ridge called Basin Rim, plantations also grow coffee and cacao.

Quiet resort communities exist along the tropical coast of the Azure Sea. Verthandi has also been well known throughout much of the Commonwealth for its university at the capital city of Regis.

Large mining operations are found in the deserts in the southern hemisphere and at local secondary impact points from the asteroid strike which deposited the minerals on Verthandi's surface.

Capital and Government - Regis[edit]

Verthandi's capital, Regis, is the site of government, the University of Regis, the spaceport, and most of the heavy industry on the planet. The capital city of Regis was governed by Verthandi's ruling Council of Academicians, a democratic body elected from among the senior professors of government at Regis University.

The Norn system was originally settled by colonists of Scandanavian descent who named those planets for the three fates of Norse mythology.

'Verthandi itself has one large moon designated Verthandi Alpha that has a naval base on it.

Planetary History[edit]

Star League era[edit]

The Norn system was originally settled by colonists of Scandanavian descent who named those planets for the three fates of Norse mythology. At some point in the early 2600s there was a civil war.

Third Succession War[edit]

In 3025, Verthandi held a widespread independence movement. Although Lyran, the world had been conquered and held by the Draconis Combine since 3015. Guerrilla movements, supported by several wealthy individuals, harassed the Combine forces occupying the world. In 3025 the Verthandi rebel movement hired the Gray Death Legion to provide training for the rebel movement and transport military supplies needed for the guerrillas. Although the Legion was unable to land unopposed and faced difficulties within the movement as well as Combine opposition, they eventually rallied the guerrilla forces and liberated the planetary capital, defeating the Combine's main occupation force. After the successful popular uprising, surviving Kuritan forces fell back to Regisport in disarray.[49] Regisport's repair yards were sufficient to make the Gray Death's DropShip, the Phobos, flightworthy enough to leave Verthandi at the conclusion of the mercenary command's contract.[50]

As part of the popular uprising, one Frances Marrion, a former art student at the University of Regis, led a group of rebels in capturing the Vengeance, a Monitor class surface vessel in Port Gaspin. Renaming the ship Swamp Fox, Marrison went on to raid and disrupt Combine control of the Silvan Basin for several months. Because of this, Combine reinforcements specifically target the Swamp Fox for destruction. They used a supply depot stationed near the river as bait and when the Swamp Fox closed to shell the facility, four BattleMechs emerged and attacked Marrion's ship. Despite destroying two Combine Marauders and crippling a Shadow Hawk, the Swamp Fox and her crew were sent to the bottom.[51]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Verthandi was conquered by Clan Wolf during Operation REVIVAL in May 3050. At the time the planet was defended by the Second Battalion of the Second Kell Hounds and the Third Battalion of the 2nd Drakøns, along with the 4th Verthandi Armored Infantry Brigade. It was decided that an attempt would be made to gather as much information about these mysterious invaders as possible, and so a number of recording devices were planted all across Prince William Island. When Star Colonel Athen Kederk of the 328th Assault made his batchall to the defenders, the Kell Hounds and Drakøns requested that the small forested island be designated as the battlefield. The Star Colonel agreed, impressed by their ability to honor the batchall, and attacked with the 328th's Supernova Battle. Five hours of fierce fighting took place across the island, on Onegin Shore, the Divers Plain and at Aaron Woods, with both sides giving as good as they got. Eventually the Kell Hounds and Drakøns were forced to retreat, but not before a Star of Elementals broke through their defensive lines and destroyed most of their recording equipment. Defeated, the Kell Hounds fled to the Federated Commonwealth while the Drakøns made their way to Rasalhague.[52]

The Jihad[edit]

Verthandi was conquered again during the Jihad; Clan Hell's Horses launched an invasion of Clan Wolf holdings in the Inner Sphere in early 3071, acquiring holdings for their own relocation to Spheroid space. Verthandi was seized by the Hell's Horses between the 7th and 14th of April 3071.[36]

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Planetary Locations[edit]

Industrial Centers[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (32 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
New Caledonia 10.5 Csesztreg 15.2 Kirchbach 20.6 Chateau 20.9
Harvest 21.9 The Edge 23.9 Lovinac 26.2 Planting 31.3
Icar 33.8 Liezen 37.4 Mozirje 37.5 Alsace 37.6
Romulus 38.6 St. John 41.7 Maxie's Planet 42.1 Kreller 43.4
Seiduts 43.8 Ridderkerk 45.5 Star's End 46.0 Alleghe 46.1
Vantaa 47.9 Feltre 48.4 Bruben 49.7 Persistence 52.5
Evciler 56.3 Steelton 57.4 Basiliano 57.4 Treeline 57.6
Svarstaad 57.8 Iron Land 59.8 Trell 59.8 Hohenems 59.9


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