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Norris Anderson

Norris Anderson
Character Profile
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Word of Blake
Profession Adept


Norris Anderson was a MechWarrior in service to the Free Worlds League Military prior to 3069.[1] In 3069 the Word of Blake dispatched the Fifteenth Division on an invasion of the planet Van Diemen IV,[2] where Norris was serving as a Force Commander within the Third Oriente Hussars.[1]

Commanding the Hussars at the time was Colonel Therese Matthews, who had been promoted from Executive Officer to Commanding Officer in 3063 and had been retraining the Hussars in new tactics. The Hussars infantry contingent had been drawn from Van Diemen IV's militia, and Matthews had been the target of six assassination attempts by the Word of Blake over the previous decade.[3] During a routine nighttime patrol in his Blackjack OmniMech Norris launched a savage attack on the Hussars' command post, killing Colonel Matthews as she arrived for the morning staff meeting.[1]

Norris' attack left the Hussars in chaos, and Norris himself left Van Diemen IV, accompanied by a substantial portion of the Hussars' infantry contingent, the Second Van Diemen Green Jackets. Norris went on to serve with the Word of Blake, reaching the rank of Adept III by the time he was observed in action on Pleione, fighting as part of the Blakist forces responsible for the destruction of Little Richard's Panzer Brigade.[1]


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