Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated

Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated
Corporation Profile
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
Previous Name(s)Norse Technologies[1]
HeadquartersGray Mountains
(Loxley I)[1]
Division(s)Norse-Storm BattleMechs Inc.
Manufacturing Plant(s)Solaris

Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated was a Lyran Commonwealth BattleMech manufacturer.


While the Storm's Metal Thunder mercenary unit was garrisoning Loxley, a post they held since 3034, its commanding officer Griff Storm discovered the remains of a Star League era 'Mech factory. With substantial loans from the Lyran government and aid of business partner Samuel Norse, the factory was eventually brought back online as Norse-Storm BattleMechs in or shortly after 3046.[2] Desperate to ensure their survival, the company signed a license agreement to produce the well-received Devastator Assault BattleMech. The company has since expanded, reintroducing further lostech Star League era designs. Originally producing 'Mechs for the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth, Griff Storm's immense loyalty to House Steiner led to the company producing exclusively for the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces upon the Federated Commonwealth's dissolution.[1]

During its drive to rebuild the Loxley factory in the 3030s, the then-small company would also achieve notoriety and considerable profit after it developed an upgrade for the finicky autocannon loading system for the widely used Orion.[3]

Developing a brand new in-house 'Mech design known as the Daemon, the company revived its venerable Spector design (minus the LosTech Chameleon Light Polarization Shield and Null Signature Systems) in 3053 for a brief eight-year production run, before intending to convert its production line to manufacture the Daemon. The popularity of even the less advanced 5F model among all the Great Houses and the Com Guards was such that Norse-Storm would extend production for another ten years as well as finally developing variants based off the 5F.[4]

At the behest of Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion, Norse-Storm engaged in several years of intense and insanely expensive negotiations with Shengli Arms in the hopes of acquiring access to the Capellan Confederation's Stealth Armor technology in the hopes of making the Spector stealthy again. Despite appearing to deal with Norse-Storm in good faith, Shengli had no intention of releasing such an advantage to an enemy of the Capellan nation. With the contract having no stipulation stating in what language the technical specifications were to be provided in, Shengli provided Norse-Storm the data in an obscure and ancient Han dialect, forcing the company to employ Shengli Arms techs to install the armor.[4] When all of Norse-Storm's efforts to break the ironclad contract failed, their security chief supposedly went "rogue" and launched an objective raid against Victoria, making off with several hundred tons of stealth armor and crippling Shengli production for eight months. While Norse-Storm denied any link, this rang hollow when they detained the Shengli aides required to install the armor and continued production of the "Stealth Spector" unabated while they tried to reverse engineer the technology. Shengli halted all future shipments to Loxley in response.[5]

During the Jihad, with so many other Lyran BattleMech factories in the hands of the Word of Blake, Norse-Storm became one of the most critical industries in the Alliance. The Loxley production line suffered some losses, but in 3079 it was operating at 80% of its maximum output.[6] Their production lines on Solaris were not so lucky; they were totally destroyed during the Jihad.[7]


Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Loxley:[8][9][10]
Component Type
SPR-5F Spector[7][9] Light BattleMech
HBK-5S Hunchback[5][7] Medium BattleMech
HBK-5SS Hunchback[5] Medium BattleMech
HBK-5SG Hunchback[5] Medium BattleMech
DVS-2 Devastator[7][10] Assault BattleMech
TDK-7KMA Thunder Hawk[7][8] Assault BattleMech
TDK-7S Thunder Hawk[8] Assault BattleMech
TDK-7X Thunder Hawk[7][8] Assault BattleMech
XNT-3O Xanthos[7] Assault BattleMech
Norse XT-Light AE Endo Steel Spector[9]
Norse Heavy XTI-4C Thunder Hawk 7X[8]
Starleague XT Devastator[10]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Magna 245 XL Spector[9]
Vlar 300 XL Thunder Hawk 7X[8] & Devastator[10]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Heavy Type K Thunder Hawk 7X[8]
Durallex Heavy Devastator[10]
Starshield Light Spector[9]
Jump Jets
HildCo Model 11c Spector[9]
Communications System
AR-12 Sheathed Directional Beacon Spector[9]
Johnston Wide Band Devastator[10]
Tek BattleCom Thunder Hawk 7X[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
DLK Type Phased Array Sensor System Thunder Hawk 7X[8] & Spector[9]
Randar Pinpoint-HY Devastator[10]
Guardian ECM Suite
Norse Guardian ECM Spector[9]
Gauss Rifle
Norse Model M-7D Thunder Hawk 7X[8]
Medium Laser
Defiance B3M Thunder Hawk 7X[8]
Large Laser
Nightwind Spector[9]


Note: These production lines were destroyed during the Jihad.[7]

Components produced on Solaris::[11][12]
Component Type
MTR-5K Maelstrom[11] Heavy BattleMech
NSR-9J Nightstar[12] Assault BattleMech
Norse TRA34 Heavy Maelstrom[11]
Norse-GM Heavy TRQ Nightstar[12]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Ford 375 XL Maelstrom[11]
Pitban 285 XL Nightstar[12]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Kallon Royalstar Heavy Type K Nightstar[12]
Communications System
Sony MSF-21 Maelstrom[11]
Tek BattleCom Nightstar[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cirxese Ballistacheck, Cirxese Rocketcheck Maelstrom[11]
DLK Type Phased Array Sensors Nightstar[12]
Small Laser
Jackson Model 12 Maelstrom[11]
Gauss Rifle
Norse-Storm Model-7D Nightstar[12]


  • Era Report: 2750 names Norse-Storm as one of the main producers of Gauss rifles outside the Terran Hegemony, despite the firm not having been founded yet.[14]
  • Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade names Norse-Storm as the developer of the Thunder Hawk TDK-7X assault 'mech during the final stages of the invasion of the Amaris-ruled Terran Hegemony, despite the firm not having been founded yet.[8]


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