Northwind Agreement

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The Northwind Agreement was a pact made between the Federated Suns First prince Hanse Davion and the mercenary group Northwind Highlanders.


After the Highlanders creation, Northwind had become their home, despite the fact not too much of their regiments are there. As they signed to work for the Capellan Confederation, however, Northwind became a target to the Federated Suns. During the Second Succession War. In 2841, House Davion sent an invasion force that overwhelmed the defending Stuart's Highlanders and Third Kearny Highlanders. The Highlander regiments fought to the last, but it was not enough.[1][2]

The Highlanders loss of their planet was a devastating blow, and as the decades and centuries run, the capellan promise of helping them recover their world could never be fulfilled. In 3028, during the Fourth Succession War, Hanse Davion's men, Ardan Sortek, made a offer to the four remaining Highlander regiments: to leave the service of the Capellan Confederation in exchange for garrisoning Northwind and certain other concessions. The offer was too tempting, and a warrior cabal voted and the vast majority accepted. Some of them choose to stay behind, like the Clan Jaffray, but the rest of Highlanders abandoned their positions along the Capellan-Suns border and returned to their ancestral homeworld. They arrived on 12 January 3029 and immediately began engaging the Draconis Combine forces than were attacking on the planet, forcing them to retreat and saving the survivors of the AFFS garrison.[3][4][5] Since then, the presence of four regiments of experienced Highlander regiments on Northwind, all keen to prove their value to their new liege effectively blocked the DCMS campaign in the Terran region stillborn.


The desertion of the Highlanders sealed the fate of the already besieged Confederation, making them loss easily dozens of worlds. The Highlanders become a important part of the Federated Suns army, but the Agreement, known also for the Highlanders as the Homecoming, wasn't perfect, as they weren't independent, and the relations between the two sides were strained. In 3057, the capellan Chancellor Sun Tzu Liao managed to use that as a weapon: sending Loren Jaffray, a descendant of one of the Highlanders who stay behind, managed to convince the Highlanders to fight their independence of the Suns, during Operation Guerrero.[6]

Anyway, the Confederation never forgot or forgive the Highlanders defection: during the Dark Age, the chancellor Daoshen Liao launched a massive invasion against Northwind to finally punish the Highlanders and erase the stain in the Capellans history, but the intent ended in a defeat, in the Battle of Northwind (3150)[7]


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