Northwind Highlanders (scenario pack)

This article is about the scenario pack. For the mercenary unit, see Northwind Highlanders.
Northwind Highlanders (scenario pack).jpg
The Northwind Highlanders
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Randall N. Bills
Pages 64
Cover Artwork Mark Zug (Art)
Jim Nelson (Design)
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Micheal Chen
Mathew Plog
Loston Wallace
Shane White
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1702
First published 1997
Era Succession Wars era


As the name suggests, this book is exclusively dedicated to the Northwind Highlanders mercenary group; it shows its history from the Middle Ages, the foundation of Northwind's colony, the group's history through the Succession Wars, Northwind's independence, and the battle against clan Smoke Jaguar at Wayside V. It also has scenario battles of all this period.

From the back cover[edit]

Since the distant time when mankind knew only one sky and one sun, soldiers of the proud units that became the Northwind Highlanders have won brilliant victories against often-desperate odds. From small-scale uprisings in ancient Scotland to epic struggles between mighty star empires over countless worlds, the Northwind Highlanders of every generation have added to their forebears' battlefield glory. Fiercely proud warriors, the Highlanders have left their legendary mark on the universe—and will do so as long as war rages in the Inner Sphere


  • Introduction
    • How to Use this Book
    • Weather and Terrain Rules
      • Terrain Conditions
      • Weather Conditions
  • Northwind Highlanders
    • Ancient Origins
    • A New Beginning
      • The Royal Blackwatch Regiment
    • Troubled Times
      • The Pace
      • The Darkest Hour
    • Homecoming
      • Intervening Years
    • Trouble Blewing
      • Independence at Last
    • A New Era
  • Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: Rebirth
    • Scenario 2: Instant Fame
    • Scenario 3: Fall from Glory
    • Scenario 4: Darkest Hour
    • Scenario 5: The Great Lee Turkey Shoot
    • Scenario 6: Homecoming
    • Scenario 7: Bid for Freedom
    • Scenario 8: Brother against Brother
    • Scenario 9: Wall of the Bagpipes
    • Scenario 10: A Deal with the Dragon
  • Mini-Campaign: Baiting The Cat
    • Playing the Campaign
      • Forces
      • Reloading and Repairs
      • Clan Honor
    • Scenario 11: Cat's Eye
    • Scenario 12: System EC-EY-4189
    • Scenario 13: Setting the Hook
    • Scenario 14: Ascent to the Stratosphere
  • Highlanders Scenario Rules
    • 'Mech Assignment
    • Northwind Highlanders Regiments
    • Vehicle Assignment
    • Northwind Military Academy
      • Training


  • The Northwind Highlanders Scenario Pack is considered by some to be one of the most flawed BattleTech products. For instance, the Mech designs used for scenarios prior and during the Star League era are usually simply the 3052 field upgrades of Succession Wars era Mechs from Technical Readout: 3050, which were developed some 300 years later. Many of the pre–Star League 'Mechs like the Ymir, the Toro or the Von Rohrs were published well after the release of the scenario pack, however. In addition, the scenario pack is often inaccurate, particularly in the history of the Highlander regiments, the history of the Black Watch (which was only a part of the Northwind Highlanders during the Second Star League) and unit designations (strictly speaking, the scenario pack states that the Highlanders were attacked by the 3rd Davion Guards rather than the 3rd Royal Guards when they went rogue in 3057). The scenarios themselves are often flawed as well. In the scenario "the Bid for Freedom" for instance, the attacking two Squads Infiltrator Mk. I battle armor lack the ammunition to destroy both Mobile HQs unless they have a few lucky hits or very high to-hit scores.
  • Trademarked Northwind Highlanders on the back cover, The Battle of Coventry in the indicia.