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Nova Captain

Clan Rank Insignias
(Jade Falcon as example)
JadeFalcon-TBKhan.png Khan
JadeFalcon-TBKhan.png saKhan
JadeFalcon-TBGalaxyCommander.png Galaxy Commander
JadeFalcon-TBStarColonel.png Star Colonel
JadeFalcon-TBStarCaptain.png Star Captain
JadeFalcon-TBStarCommander.png Star Commander
JadeFalcon-TBPointCommander.png Point Commander

A Nova Captain is the rank given to the commanding officer of a Clan Supernova. They have little more command authority than a Star Captain.

Most Clans[edit]

Basically, the Supernova formation is a Binary consisting of two Novas (A Trinary of Novas is called a Supernova Trinary). At this level, the standard OmniMech and Elmental pairing is augmented by other formations. Clan Goliath Scorpion's Specialist Trinary units (Elementals and aerospace fighters) are probably the best example.

The rank insignia for a Nova Captain in most Clans is the same as a Star Captain's insignia. To show that they have more command responsibility, the Nova Captain will use a modified daggerstar which has the smaller points enameled in the color of the supporting branch.[1] A Nova Captain who is an Elemental will have the green Elemental daggerstar, but the background tines will be red, for example.

Clan Nova Captain insignia
Force Composition Insignia
MechWarrior CO w/Elemental Daggerstar-NovaMWElemental.png
Elemental CO w/Mechs Daggerstar-NovaElementalMW.png
Aerospace fighter CO w/Elementals Daggerstar-NovaASFElemental.png
Elemental CO w/aerospace fighters Daggerstar-NovaElementalASF.png
MechWarrior CO w/aerospace fighters Daggerstar-NovaMWASF.png
Aerospace fighter CO w/Mechs Daggerstar-NovaASFMW.png

Two Clans have an official Nova Captain rank. This provides warriors of the Coyotes and Hell's Horses with more chances to test up into a new position. These two Clans do not use the multicolored daggerstar common to other Clans; They instead use the dedicated rank insignia shown below.

Clan Coyote[edit]

Clan Coyote Military Rank Insignia[2]
Rank Insignia
Nova Captain Coyote-NovaCaptain.png

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

Clan Hell's Horses Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Nova Captain HellsHorses-NovaCaptain.png


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