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Nova Combined Electronic Warfare System

The Nova Combined Electronic Warfare System (also known as Nova CEWS) was developed by The Society to offset their warriors' poor performance.


The rogue scientists of the Society developed the Nova CEWS after hearing about the C3 systems used by the Inner Sphere. By combining elements of the Watchdog CEWS with a C3 system, they created a tool that could find enemy forces, hide the unit using it in an ECM bubble, and automatically provide targeting data to other friendly units. In addition, the Nova CEWS didn't require preconfiguration for the C3 capability; It could be programmed on the fly to respond to availability of friendly forces.

Despite these advances, the system did have some limitations. The probe and ECM range remained the same as the Watchdog's, the components of the system generate heat, and the system's network was limited to a total of three nodes.

After the end of the Wars of Reaving Clan Stone Lion was given permission to experiment with the Nova CEWS, but only if they used the system in solahma and second line vehicle Points facing non-Clan opponents. The Nova CEWS was banned for use in 'Mech designs.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

The Nova CEWS can be used by any combat unit except ProtoMechs, battle armor, JumpShips, DropShips, WarShips, and Space Stations. The carrying unit must use a fusion engine of some kind. When used by fighters (conventional or aerospace) or small craft it can only interact with ground units, not other fighters or small craft. A unit with a Nova CEWS can link to up to two other Nova CEWS equipped units for a total of three units in a network. No ECM can be used to interfere with the Nova CEWS except another Nova CEWS used specifically to jam the system. A Nova CEWS equipped unit that wishes to connect to another Nova CEWS unit must declare the connection in the End Phase; Starting in the next turn the two units are connected as if by an Improved C3 Computer.[2] When active the Nova CEWS generates two heat per turn; Units that don't track heat must mount enough heat sinks to dissipate this heat. The active probe and ECM functionality has a range of three hexes. Nova CEWS cannot act as a TAG system. If a unit carries multiple Nova CEWS, only one can be active at a time.[2] It can be used with a Null Signature System or Chameleon Light Polarization Shield, without interfering with the systems in any way.[3] The Nova CEWS can be turned off in the End Phase of any turn. While active the effects are active even if the crew or pilot of the Nova equipped unit is stunned, unconscious, or otherwise unable to function in combat. If the carrying unit is shut down or destroyed, the unit stops functioning.[2]

The system weighs 1.5 tons and occupies one critical slot in the unit carrying it.[2] It costs 1,100,000 C-bills.[3] The Nova CEWS has a defensive Battle Value of 68[4]. In addition to their defensive battle rating Nova CEWSs add 5 percent of the total BV of all friendly units equipped with the system on the battlefield to each of the units equipped with it. This effect applies regardless if the units are linked at the beginning of the game or not. There must be at least two friendly units equipped with Nova CEWS for this rule to apply.[3]


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