Nu Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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Nu Galaxy
Disbanded 3060 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Clan Smoke Jaguar Touman


Nu Galaxy was a Second Line formation of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Nu Galaxy entered the Inner Sphere occupation Zone after the Battle of Tukayyid. Spread over four planets, it had its headquarters on Schuyler, [1] and was tasked with the defense of the important shipyards and factories there.

Operation Bulldog[edit]

A large part of the Galaxy escaped the Inner Sphere during Wave Three of Operation Bulldog intact. [2] Although the Clusters caught in earlier waves were not so lucky. These appear to have joined with Hang Mehta's forces as elements of the 143rd Garrison Cluster were reported on Huntress in 3060. [3]

Wave One[edit]

Wave Two[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

  • Garstedt - August 3059, 143rd Garrison Cluster
  • Schuyler - August 3059, 4th Jaguar Regulars and 12th Jaguar Regulars


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Nu Galaxy



Composition History[edit]




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