Nuada Argetlan

Nuada Argetlan
Vessel Profile
Previous names Fukushu
Type DropShip
Class Union

The Nuada Argetlan, formerly the DCS Fukushu, was a Union-class DropShip serving with the Kell Hounds mercenary unit.


The Fukushu was captured by the Kell Hounds during an operation on Murchison in 3014 and renamed to Nuada Argetlan.[1]

During the Silver Eagle Incident in 3027 the Nuada Argetlan, the Lugh and the Manannan MacLir were carried to Styk by the Kell Hounds' JumpShip Cucamulus.[2]

As of 3016 and through 3029 it was under the command of veteran captain Cadel O'Brien,[3] though it was under the command of captain Thomas Helmer (who otherwise commanded the Lugh) during the Silver Eagle Incident in 3027.[4]


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