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Vessel Profile
Previous names Nueva Badajoz
Type WarShip
Class Aegis


The Impetuous[1] was an Aegis-class heavy cruiser introduced to service by the Hegemony Armed Forces during the Age of War. When the Hegemony Armed Forces began to introduce the new Avatar-class heavy cruiser to service the decision was made to place the bulk of the Aegis-class heavy cruisers in mothballs, orbiting the sun at a position somewhere between Terra and Mars, with the exception of a small number of training vessels.[2]

When First Lord Ian Cameron of the Star League chose to bring the Aegis fleet out of mothballs or limited use in 2582 this included the Impetuous. Two thirds of the Aegis class went on to serve in the newly-formed Star League Defense Force; the remaining third of the fleet were sold to the various Star League member states. The Impetuous was retained by the SLDF and underwent extensive refurbishment and a number of upgrades in the Di Tron Heavy Industries shipyards in the Terran Hegemony, work which included the fitting of a Lithium-Fusion Battery as standard.[2]

The Impetuous went on to serve as the SLS Impetuous but by the end of the Amaris Civil War had either been lost, scuttled or abandoned. After the fall of the Star League the Impetuous was located by ComStar but was left where it had been found due to the amount of work that was believed to be required to return her to active service. The Free Worlds League became aware of the location of the Impetuous thanks to information provided by the Word of Blake, who had relocated to the League after the schism within ComStar and who had decided to assist the League in its WarShip rearmament program. The Blakists helped the League locate twenty-two assorted derelict WarShips, of which the Impetuous was one;[3] the Free Worlds League went on to recover the Impetuous in secret and moved her to the SelaSys Incorporated shipyards at Loyalty where she underwent a complete overhaul of her K-F drives and maneuvering drives, with the intention of relaunching her under the new designation of the FWLS Nueva Badajoz sometime after early 3060.[1] By 3067 the Nueva Badajoz was back in service and was a part of what was publicly considered to be the largest black water navy in the Inner Sphere.[4]

The Nueva Badajoz was suborned by the Word of Blake prior to the Jihad and her true colors were revealed when the Nueva Badajoz was involved in a pitched naval battle in the Atreus system on the 25th of October 3068, where loyalist and Blakist elements of the Free Worlds League navy turned on each other. The Nueva Badajoz joined the Thera-class carrier FWLS Corinth and one of her escorts, the Eagle-class frigate FWLS Mordred, the Black Lion-class battlecruiser FWLS Xanthos, the Agamemnon-class heavy cruiser FWLS Aeneas and the Impavido-class destroyer FWLS Impavido. The Blakist-aligned WarShips attacked the loyalist WarShips in the system, which were mainly lighter destroyers and corvettes, and which consisted of the Eagle-class FWLS Gawain, the Impavido-class FWLS Janos Marik, the Zechetinu-class corvette FWLS Sparta, the Zechetinu II-class corvettes FWLS Acari and FWLS Scorpion and the Essex-class destroyer FWLS Raven.[5]

The naval battle in the Atreus system was a victory for the Blakist forces; none of the Blakist WarShips were destroyed, although all of them had suffered damage, but of the loyalist forces, only the FWLS Acari and FWLS Raven escaped to seek refuge in the Duchy of Oriente.[5]

The Blakists subsequently redesignated the Nueva Badajoz the WoBS Impetuous. The Impetuous was subsequently destroyed in the Shiloh system in 3070 along with the the FWLS Xanthos by the Eagle-class frigates FWLS Galahad and FWLS Lancelot and the Agamemnon-class FWLS Menelaus.[6][7]


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