Nygren (Bloodname)

The Nygren bloodname was a Clan Wolf founding legacy.[1]

Known Bloodname Holders[edit]

Bloodname Founder[edit]




Field Officers[edit]


  • House Nygren has never had a strong fighter pilot contingent and circa 3026, Clan Wolf beat Clan Jade Falcon in a battle, and House Nygren got genetic material from House Malthus that was thought to contain the DNA that gave Malthus pilots their edge in combat. But just after the second generation was produced from the spoils of that victory, House Nygren learned that the genetic material came from a cadet branch of the Malthus family. Though Wolf scientists claimed the genes were the same as those the House was seeking, the subterfuge embarrassed some of the House Nygren elders. This left a taint on those warriors born of that victory, making their chances of being nominated for a Bloodname slim or simply nil. Carew Nygren was one of the warriors born from those sibkos.[4]


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