Objective Raids: 3067

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The subject of this article does not contribute canonical content to the BattleTech universe, either because it is not intended to or because it is not an official product.
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Objective Raids: 3067
Product information
Type Sourcebook (PDF)
Author William Gauthier
Pages 303
Cover artwork David Martin (original)
Publication information
Publisher (Fanon)
First published 2009
Era Jihad era
Timeline 3067


Objective Raids: 3067, originally released on the CBT Forum in 2009 as a PDF file for download, is a fan-made sourcebook by William "MadCapellan" Gauthier. A compilation of both direct and inferred information from numerous official sources, such as various Technical Readouts and other sourcebooks, it was meant to provide an expanded and updated successor to the popular, but notoriously error-ridden, Objective Raids sourcebook.


Since it is fan-made, and not an official product, Objective Raids: 3067 itself cannot provide canon. However, with the exception of the book's own fictional backstory within the universe, its content is a compliation of (canonical) information drawn from other, exclusively canonical sources, with some educated guesses and inferences filling in for missing or unpublished information.
That is to say, while Objective Raids: 3067 as such may not be canon, most of its content is, because it stems from other, canonical sources. It is thus considered a meta-source, "quasi-canonical" in the author's own words.

An Introduction section deals with the issue of canonicity in some detail.


The book opens with an (out-of-character) introduction by the author discussing his reasons for writing the book, as well as a caution regarding its "quasi-canon" nature.

It also contains a minimum of fan fiction (Fanon) to provide setting: According to its in-universe preface, Objective Raids: 3067 purports to be a ComStar document transmitted by one Jessica Clarent, Precentor VI-Mu at the ComStar Archives on Tukayyid, to Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion for distribution at the Fourth Whitting Conference; the document was intercepted by by Capellan Huang Di Shi Zhe agents imbedded within the ComStar HPG facility on New Earth, and forwarded to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao by one Zhong-shao William Gauthier-Liao on 27 November 3067.


  • For the purposes of this BattleTechWiki, Objective Raids: 3067 is considered a meta-source, and not suitable as a reference. As some information presented is only inferred (not stated) from official sources, questions as to canonicity of fact must be answered with the original official source.
  • Catalyst Game Labs were sufficiently impressed with this fan work that they invited the author to be part of the MUL team. One aspect of the MUL database is to collate official production data in an official capacity, with access to data not available to the fanbase otherwise, a project very similar to what Objective Raids: 3067 achieved within the limits of a fan work.