Narc Missile Beacon

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Narc Missile Beacon
Production information
Type Utility (missile)
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)[1]
Year Availability Clan = 2828

IS = 3035

Year Introduced Clan = 2828 CHH

IS = 2587 TH[1]

Year Extinction IS = 2795[1] [2]
Year Reintroduced IS = 3035 FWL[1]
Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings E/F/D
Technical specifications
Heat 0
Damage *
Minimum Range 0[3][4]
Short Range Clan = 1-4

IS = 1-3[1]

Medium Range Clan = 5-8

IS = 4-6[1]

Long Range Clan = 9-12

IS = 7-9[1]

Tons Clan = 2

IS = 3

Critical Slots Clan = 1

IS = 2[5]

Ammo Per Ton 6
Cost (unloaded) 100,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 6,000 (homing)[3]
BV (1.0) Clan = ???

IS = 50[citation needed]

BV (2.0) 30 (launcher) / 6 (ammo)[6]

The Narc Missile Beacon is a missile homing beacon that can be planted on enemy targets, causing friendly SRMs and LRM missiles compatible with the beacon to lock on to them. They are particularly useful when used in tandem with LRMs.[1][7]


Causing quite a stir when it was introduced in 2587, the Narc system offered a radically different way to improve missile target acquisition. The culmination of project TATTLETALE by the Terran Hegemony, the Narc launcher fires a short-range missile whose explosive warhead was replaced with a special Homing Pod mounted behind a magnetic head. These pods broadcast a wide-range electromagnetic beacon, one which can be tracked by SRMs and LRMs whose guidance systems are compatible with the homing signal. The end result is vastly improved accuracy against targets marked with a Narc beacon.[1][8]

The reason the Narc system is superior to the similar Artemis IV FCS is that the target lock is never broken because the homing beacon is attached to the target, and that other friendly 'Mechs can fire missiles equipped to follow the signal without carrying their own Narc beacons.

However, the Narc system is not without flaws, the main one being its short range. Narc equipped LRMs have double the range of a Narc pod, requiring either a dedicated spotter to close and tag enemies with Narc pods or for the launching 'Mech to close, tag and pull back to fire, a less than ideal arrangement. Also, SRMs and LRMs equipped to track the Narc homing signal cost twice as much as standard munitions. These disadvantages led to the creation of alternate Narc ammunition such as the Explosive Pod to give the launcher more tactical flexibility. The Improved Narc Missile Beacon is an upgraded launcher which offers increased range and more variety of missile pods.[1][7][8]


The Narc Missile Beacon is manufactured on the following planets:

Apple Churchill Guiding Light[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Capella Ceres Metals Industries Raven [9]

Doering Electronics Glowworm[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Hesperus II Doering Electronics Archer ARC-5W [10]

Octagon Missile Magnet[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Irian Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Trebuchet TBT-7M [11][12]
Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated Trebuchet TBT-7M Orion ON1-M [12][13][14]
Kendall Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation Orion ON1-M [15][14]
Shiro III Irian Technologies Stalker STK-5M [16][17]
Stewart Corean Enterprises MacAdams-Suharno Trebuchet TBT-7M [18][12]

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