Octavio Zhou

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Octavio Zhou
Also known as "Sumo"
Born 2990[1]
Affiliation House Zhou
Mercenary MechWarrior
Siblings At least one brother


Octavio Zhou was born in a minor noble house from Itrom. As the second son of a second daughter, he grew up indulgent and arrogant. He was piloting 'Mechs as soon as he could wear a neurohelmet and played war. When he came to age joined the Itrom Security Force as all the members of his house had done before.

He was wounded during a pirate ambush in his first year of service, and needed over a year to recover. During that time, and thanks to his cousin's visits, he become an avid reader, though not an scholar as his family hoped. After House Espinosa's coup arrived to Itrom, his family was on Lady Kamea Arano side. All the family was forced to leave the planet, and in order to help his family, he become a mercenary 'Mech.

Arano Restoration[edit]

After the conclusion of the Arano Civil War Octavio would find himself serving in the Aurigan Coalition's special Rampart Company as part of the mopping up efforts.[1]


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