Odessa Regulars

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Insignia of the Odessa Regulars
Odessa Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation LCAF
Formed 2755

The Odessa Regulars was a late Star League Era regional BattleMech Brigade which was formed to defend the world of Odessa and supplement defense of the original Lyran Commonwealth.


Founding and Late Star League Era[edit]

The Odessa Regulars was originally formed by the nobility and upper social classes of Odessa to protect their offspring from being caught in combat with Armed Forces of the Lyran Commonwealth. The nobility had ensured that their children would serve as officers of the small brigade, while ordinary citizenry would serve as the brigade's regular troops. However, the plan to keep nobility's offspring close to home ran afoul of a second regiment being formed. With creation of the Second Odessa Regulars, the First would be transferred off world and stationed on Satalice.

While stationed on Satalice, the First was put through a regimen of training. This began to bring up its military readiness to LCAF standards. While the first two battalions became combat ready, the leadership of the third battalion would come under scrutiny of a military investigation for possible criminal charges due to the battalion's performance.

The Second regiment would remain on Odessa, enjoying the ease of being part of the defense of their homeworld, while also enjoying benefits of world's social life.

By 2765, the both regiments of the brigade suffered a mix of moral and readiness problems. The First's officers would suffer from terrible morale problems having to actually work under normal military conditions. This resulted in many of them trying to return to Odessa or even possibly getting discharged from armed forces altogether. While the Second's morale is excellent, however suffering from unhealthy bout of the "social general" mentality. With many of its officers taking up pursuits pretending to be assigned to other adventurous regiments, while neglecting the duties of their own assignment.

The LCAF is unable to move both units from Odessa's influence due in part of the officers' parents are the source of funding entire brigade.[1]

The Succession Wars Era[edit]

The brigade's status is not clear in this era. It is unknown if they were destroyed or downgraded to planetary garrison forces by time the Succession Wars had subsided.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Odessa Regulars


Different per Unit.

Units of the Odessa Regulars[edit]


  • As of this writing, there no information of the brigade detail actions during the Amaris Coup and the Succession Wars.
  • As of 2765, the Odessa Regulars had access to the medium access to equipment available for the LCAF of its era.[3]


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