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Ogoun's Machete

Ogoun's Machete
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


Ogoun's Machete is a mercenary unit indigenous to the world of Siendou. Situated in a region abandoned by the collapsing Free Worlds League, this independent world is a constitutional theocracy where the global faith, the Sevi Lwa, does not allow its followers to serve in a national military but does not preclude professional soldiers as mercenaries. (It is unclear from the context if Ogoun's Machete is a regular mercenary unit registered with the MRBC, or the equivalent of a local militia).

In August of 3140, deep periphery raiders called Hellion Harpies attempted to raid the ostensibly undefended planet, only to run afoul of the local mercenaries. At the Chaîne de la Selle diamond mining site, one of the planet's four key mining sites that had raider 'Mechs dropped on them, Sister Ayo Olobumni of Ogoun's Machete met the attackers with her lance of Black Hawks (Black Hawk 3 variant), destroying a Merlin, two Lineholders and a JagerMech and forcing a Shockwave pilot to surrender (and be the sole survivor).[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Ogoun's Machete
Sister Ayo Olobumni 3140



Composition History[edit]

Exact details unknown, but they own a lance of Black Hawks (Black Hawk 3 variant).[1]


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