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Oleg Tikonov

Oleg Tikonov
Character Profile
Died 14 January 2011
Rank Premier of the Second Soviet Union[1]
Spouse Nadja Tikonova
Children Pyotr Tikonov
Nicholas Tikonov

Oleg Tikonov was the last Premier of the Second Soviet Union.[1]


Notable Accomplishments[edit]

Coming to power in 2004, during the Second Cold War, Tikonov was considered a moderate if not liberal leader. With the tentative support of the Soviet leadership, he defused the international tensions, and sought to bring the Russian economy back from the brink of collapse.

His biggest accomplishment after ending the Second Cold War in 2005, was the signing of the Tikonov Accords in 2011. In return for free and democratic elections in the Warsaw Pact nations, the United States of America promised desperately needed financial aid and expertise.[2]

Marriage and children[edit]

Oleg Tikonov was married to Nadja Tikonova. They had two sons, Pyotr (b. 2002) and Nicholas (b. 2003).[1]


On January 14th, 2011, at 11:53 pm local time, merely hours after signing the Tikonov Accords, Oleg Tikonov was assassinated by Mustafa Khemar Rhasori, a Muslim fanatic. Posing as a militiaman, Rhasori suicide-bombed the Premier's limousine, killing not only Tikonov himself, but also his wife and children.[1]


Almost immediately after his death, the struggling Soviet Union fell into civil war and collapsed, with the emerging states eventually being absorbed by the Western Alliance.[1]

One and a half centuries after his death, the planet Tikonov was named in his honor; due to its location, the planet quickly became the leader of the Tikonov Union and its many successor states.[3]


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