Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Vengeance


The Omaha Beach was a Vengeance-class DropShips in service to House Liao. As of ca. 3025 it was said to be a well-known individual vessel of its class.[1]

In 3029, the Omaha Beach was involved in the Tikonov Free Republic's attack on Procyon where it contributed 40 aerospace fighters to the battle.[2]


It was specifically noted that the Omaha Beach was equipped almost entirely with small craft, each of which can carry a platoon of infantry or a heavy vehicle into battle. This would seem to indicate the Omaha Beach was modified to feature (only) small craft bays instead of aerospace fighter bays.[1]

The (error-ridden) original stats for the Vengeance class as published in DropShips and JumpShips actually gave it 43 small craft bays and it would not be notable for a Vengeance to operate almost exclusively small craft. However, the construction rules have changed since: a standard Vengeance under current rules features only 3 small craft bays and 20 fighter bays, the latter being too small to accommodate small craft.


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