Omega Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Omega Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Eyes of the Falcon
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Formed 3057


Omega Galaxy was a Jade Falcon unit stationed in the Homeworlds during the Clan Invasion. During the pause after ilKhan Leo Showers' death, Omega was used by Khan Elias Crichell to defend his genetic legacy against a Trial of Possession from Clan Steel Viper in 3051. The three Clusters bid were able to repel the Viper's Gamma Galaxy.[1]

Omega Galaxy was re-formed from the remains of other Galaxies damaged in the Refusal War and used as a pool to draw troops from by the other rebuilding Galaxies. After the other Galaxies were done rebuilding, Omega was down to two garrison Clusters and a solahma unit. By 3060 the Galaxy had been brought up to a strength of four Clusters. However only one Cluster was a front line unit, the others being the two garrison Clusters and solahma unit, so the Galaxy as a whole was the weakest in the Falcon touman.[2]

As of 3059, Omega held the coreward-antispinward section of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.[2]

In 3063 the galaxy landed on Chapultepec and fought Adam Steiner forces on planet. When Adam's forces were near breaking against the Clan pressure, a task force commander by Archer Christifori and consisting on Pro-Victor Steiner-Davion units suddenly emerged on their flanks and smashed into the Galaxy. One of the unit's Cluster broke under the withering firepower and retreated off planet, but with additional Clan forces inbound, Christifori convinced an unwilling Adam to withdraw from the planet.[3]

During the Jihad Omega and Mu Galaxies took heavy losses. The surviving elements were combined together into a new Alpha Galaxy.[4]


In 3135 the unit was reformed at the command of Galaxy Commander Malvina Hazen from elements of Alpha, Delta, and Zeta Galaxies. These troops were fanatically loyal to Malvina Hazen and formed the core of her forces during the Rending. They also drove Rasalhague Dominion forces off of Ganshoren, Yed Posterior, Corridan IV, and Symington in 3144. The Galaxy's Clusters used the Mongol Doctrine to accomplish this.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Omega Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Jared Von Jankmon 3059[2]
Galaxy Commander Denise Mehta 3145[6]




Composition History[edit]


Omega Galaxy [1]


Omega Galaxy


Omega Galaxy


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