Omega Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

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Clan Hell's Horses.jpg
Omega Galaxy
Formed 3070
Nickname The Warg Riders
The Ghost Wolves (previous)
Affiliation Clan Hell's Horses[1]
Clan Wolf (previous)
Parent Command Clan Hell's Horses Touman
Clan Wolf Touman (previous)

Unit Description[edit]

Omega Galaxy was a Clan Hell's Horses military formation formed in 3070 by Khan James Cobb after the absorption of the Wolf Clan's Omega Galaxy the Ghost Wolves.

History - Clan Wolf[edit]


Insignia of the original Omega Galaxy, Clan Wolf

The name Omega Galaxy was originally used by Clan Wolf for a provisional garrison galaxy which existed prior to Clan's split during the Refusal War.[2] This unit followed Phelan Ward into exile at the command of Ulric Kerensky in 3057. It should not be confused with Omega Galaxy that was formed by Khan Vlad Ward as the Wolves threw off the yoke of the Jade Falcons and rebuilt their Touman in 3058, this was a completely new and separate formation.[3] This unit was officially formed in 3063.[4]

The Khan Ward created the newly reformed Omega as a means to concentrate Warden politically aligned Warriors of the then largely aggressive Crusader controlled Clan. Khan Ward designed this galaxy to eliminate the last of his Clan's warden aligned warriors from the touman. The Galaxy was highly abused by Khan Ward and became a contentious political problem for himself and his Loremaster, Katya Kerensky. The Galaxy was largely despised by most of the Crusader clansman, it was dispatched on missions seen as beneath the warriors of the Clan, but not them. The "new" Omega was stationed in the Periphery, where it was regularly sent on the task in hunting pirates. These pirates were hunted down because there were rumors that some of them were descended from Clan Wolverine.[4]

During the years prior to the Jihad, the Omega had been laying on the Periphery border of Clan Wolf's occupation zone. Its most notable action during this time period was when the Galaxy clashed with the New Belt Pirates. The galaxy lost a cluster worth of forces inflicting significant damage against the Pirate band. By 3067, it was considered a shadow galaxy, however, its was noted for its dedication to the Clan whom it despised.[5] Prior to the Jihad the warriors of Omega Galaxy were responsible for testing a prototype of the Tomahawk 'Mech.[6][4]

Jihad and Absorption into Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

The Omega Galaxy was among the first to meet Clan Hell's Horses invasion of Clan Wolf's occupation zone in November 3070. Omega's cluster were station to defend the worlds of Oberon VI, Nyserta, and Paulus Prime when the Horses arrived. These elements of the Galaxy did not put a significant resistance in Trial for Possession of Wolf's worlds, seeing the invasion by the Warden clan as means leave its parent clan honorably.[7] It was reported that Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker authorized each of his clusters to conduct Harvest Trials. Through these trials, the Omega was absorbed into the Clan Hell's Horses Touman. Most notable one was fought for three weeks between the Omega's 2nd Wolf Guards Grenadiers and Horses' 77th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster.[8] The Omega's survivors became core members of the Hell's Horses newly formed Omega Galaxy.[9]

History - Clan Hell's Horses[edit]


Omega Galaxy was a product of Clan Hell's Horses' invasion of the Inner Sphere in 3070. The core of the Galaxy's troops were former Clan Wolf Warden warriors whom were stationed on the Periphery border as pirate hunters. Disdained by their parent Clan, Khan Cobb used the mistreated and grateful Wolf warriors as the core of needed additional Galaxy warriors.[10][11]

War with Wolves[edit]

The Horses sent the Omega Galaxy to claim worlds from the Wolves. Omega fought against Clan Wolf on various worlds, such as Crellacor, Butte Hold, Placida, and Rodigo, where the Galaxy distinguished itself in its fighting there. After the Hell's Horses' fighting efforts helped to end the Ice Hellion's invasion in 3072, two Clusters worth of troops were assigned as part of the Omega's composition.[12] These two Clusters consisted of former Clan Ice Hellion warriors. Despite these reinforcements Omega's component Clusters were woefully understrength, with the strongest unit at a mere third of its nominal strength.[13]

Republic Era[edit]

After the conclusion of the Word of Blake Jihad Omega was selected for an assault against the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, its Clusters gathering on Bruben in preparation. However in 3081 two clusters from the Wolves Beta Galaxy struck first, both sides relatively evenly match, both utilizing almost identical tactics. The Hell's Horses and Wolves would fight each other for nearly a month, neither able to gain the advantage until the fighting on Kirchbach forced Beta to withdraw.[14]

By 3085 however Omega's component Clusters had rebuilt, nearly reaching half their nominal strength.[15]

Dark Age[edit]

Between 3094 and 3095 Omega Galaxy tested the Anat troop carrier for their Clan. During these tests elements of Omega landed on Botany Bay and destroyed a pirate base.[16]

By 3145 Omega Galaxy had received three Ranger Clusters. They were still stationed along the Periphery border, ostensibly to guard against attack by Clan Jade Falcon. The Falcons, however, hadn't raided the area in years. Instead Omega spent a great deal of time listening to representatives of the Republic of the Barrens. The small Periphery nation was being attacked by forces of the New Oberon Confederation. The Republic of the Barrens was pushing for Omega to take a more active role in defending their territory.[17]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Omega Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker 3063 - 3070[4][18][19]
Commanding Officers of the Omega Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)
Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker 3085[15]
Galaxy Commander Julian Vewas 3145[20]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]

Clan Wolf[edit]


Omega Galaxy [21]


Omega Galaxy

  • Five Clusters(?)


Omega Galaxy


Omega Galaxy


Omega Galaxy

All of these Clusters were assigned Star League era equipment.


It is unclear the exact composition of Omega galaxy when it was formed. It is not known if the original galaxy clusters were simply absorbed as a whole instead of being reformed as new formations. It is also unclear if newly arrived former Hellions had retained their original unit names.


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