Omega Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

This article is about the Crusader Clan Wolf Galaxy. For the pre-Refusal War Clan Wolf Galaxy and Hell's Horses isorla, see Omega Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile) and Omega Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses).
Insignia of Omega Galaxy
Omega Galaxy
Formed Reformed 3151,[1] previously - 3063[2]
Disbanded taken isorla 3070
Nickname The Ghost Wolves
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Clan Wolf touman

Unit Description[edit]

The Omega Galaxy, nicknamed the Ghost Wolves, was a Clan Wolf military formation formed in 3063 by Khan Vlad Ward in which to concentrate Warden Wolves that had not been exiled with Phelan Kell and those taken abtakha in the Harvest Trials.



The name Omega Galaxy was originally used by Clan Wolf for a provisional garrison Galaxy which existed prior to Clan's split during the Refusal War.[3] This unit followed Phelan Ward into exile at the command of Ulric Kerensky in 3057. It should not be confused with Omega Galaxy that was formed by Khan Vlad Ward as the Wolves threw off the yoke of the Jade Falcons and rebuilt their touman in 3058, this was a completely new and separate formation.[4] This unit was officially formed in 3063.[2]

Khan Ward designed this Galaxy to eliminate the last of his Clan's warden-aligned warriors from the touman. The Galaxy was highly abused by Khan Ward and became a contentious political problem for himself and his Loremaster, Katya Kerensky. The Galaxy was largely despised by most of the Crusader Clansman and was dispatched on missions seen as beneath the favored warriors of the Clan. The "new" Omega was stationed in the Periphery, where it was regularly sent on the task in hunting pirates. These pirates were hunted down because there were rumors that some of them were descended from Clan Wolverine.[2]

During the years prior to the Jihad, Omega had been laying on the Periphery border of Clan Wolf's occupation zone. Its most notable action during this time period was when the Galaxy clashed with the New Belt Pirates. The Galaxy lost a Cluster worth of forces inflicting significant damage against the Pirate band. By 3067, it was considered a shadow Galaxy, however, it was noted for its dedication to the Clan that it despised.[5] Prior to the Jihad the warriors of Omega Galaxy were responsible for testing a prototype of the Tomahawk 'Mech.[6][2]

Jihad and Absorption into Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

The Omega Galaxy was among the first to meet Clan Hell's Horses invasion of Clan Wolf's occupation zone in November 3070. Omega's Clusters were stationed to defend the worlds of Oberon VI, Nyserta, and Paulus Prime when the Horses arrived. These elements of the Galaxy did not put up significant resistance in the Trial for Possession of Wolf's worlds, seeing the invasion by the Warden Clan as means to leave its parent Clan honorably.[7] It was reported that Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker authorized each of his Clusters to conduct Harvest Trials. Through these Trials, Omega was absorbed into the Clan Hell's Horses touman. The most notable one was fought for three weeks between the Omega's 2nd Wolf Guards Grenadiers and Horses' 77th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster.[8] The Omega's survivors became core members of the Hell's Horses newly formed Omega Galaxy.[9]

New Omega Galaxy[edit]

Prior to the Battle of Terra, the Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman reunited with Clan Wolf on Terra. Their forces were called Omega Provisional Galaxy, and after the ilClan Trial, the Exiles' former Khan, Miriam Shaw, petitioned for her force's status to be shifted from provisional to full frontline duty, giving Clan Wolf its new Omega Galaxy.[10]

Composition History[edit]


Omega Galaxy[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Omega Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker 3063 - 3070[2][12][13]


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