Omega Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)

Omega Galaxy
Formed 3080s
Nickname The Caliph Brigada
Affiliation Escorpión Imperio
Parent Command Imperio Militar del Escorpión

Omega Galaxy was formed from the best warriors of Umayyad and Castilian militaries.


One of the first acts undertaken, after the arrival of the Scorpions, was the integration of the former Umayyad and Castilian forces into the Imperio Militar del Escorpión. Trials were held for willing warriors to earn a place within three new Clusters that were being formed for the newly created Omega Galaxy. The response from former troops was poor with barely two Clusters' worth of freeborn warriors. The Khans were forced to add solahma warriors as "advisors" to bulk the force out and give it some military order.[1]

In the next few decades, the high quality of freeborn warriors available in the Escorpión Imperio increased the number of troops available to Omega Galaxy. The constant defense against and retaliatory raids against pirates also honed their skills. By 3140 Omega Galaxy had six Clusters of highly skilled freeborn troops available.[2]

During the Imperio's attack on the Hanseatic League Omega Galaxy landed on Braunschweig and engaged Regional Defense Force 6. The resulting combat included a great deal of melee combat in addition to the normal fighting. After the dust had settled RDF6 was destroyed and Omega Galaxy had been shattered. Survivors claimed replacement BattleMechs from the on-world factory.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Imperio Guards (Escorpión Imperio)
Galaxy Commander Lise Burrill 3086[1]
Galaxy Commander Enrique Noye 3140[4]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]



  • 1st Imperio Pincers[5]
  • 2nd Imperial Cuirassiers[5]
  • 4th Imperial Uhlans[5]
  • 3rd Imperial Dragoons[5]
  • 5th Imperial Dragoons[5]
  • 6th Imperial Grenadiers[5]


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