Omicron Galaxy (Clan Cloud Cobra)

Clan Cloud Cobra.jpg
Omicron Galaxy
Formed 3068
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Parent Command Clan Cloud Cobra touman


Omicron Galaxy was formed in late 3068, consisting of three Clusters of ProtoMechs and a Cluster of aerospace fighters. The Galaxy was then transported to Tanis, where it took up the defense of the Cobra holdings.[1]

In August 3069 an Ice Hellion merchant fleet arrived at Tanis. They arrived unannounced, surprising Star Admiral Hollyann Kardaan. She took no chances and destroyed the three JumpShips and DropShips. Concerned that the Hellion’s arrival was a prelude to attack, the Forces within the Tanis system were put on high alert and the Cobras added two more ProtoMech clusters to Omicron by the end of the year.[1]

Omicron Galaxy's Ninety-ninth Battle Cluster attacked the W-9 complex on Dagda in 3071 during the abjuration of Clan Wolf. Only a Star of Wolf warriors were defending the facility. The Wolf commander led his Star through the industrial complex and took the Cobras down one by one. Two days into the battle, the Blood Spirits’ Forty-second Crimson Vanguard Cluster arrived to claim the facility. The Cobras and Spirits engaged each other as they attempted to catch the Wolf defenders, however the Wolves detonated the factory and less than a Binary of Cobras were left alive at the end.[2]

On 16 February 3072, the 512th Guards arrived at Niles and declared a unilateral Trial of Reaving against all of the Clan Hell's Horses sibkos training in the system. After claiming the victory they took every sibko member from each training facility, lined them up and executed them before leaving the system.[3]

The 512th Cobra Guards were transferred to Gamma Galaxy prior to 3085.[4]

In 3088 Clan Stone Lion bid the bulk of Psi Galaxy in an attack on Bearclaw, defeating Omicron Galaxy in a series of trials.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Omicron Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Julia Danforth 3085[4]



Composition History[edit]


Omicron Galaxy [1]

  • Three ProtoMech Clusters
  • One Aerospace Fighter Cluster


Omicron Galaxy [1]

  • Five ProtoMech Clusters
  • One Aerospace Fighter Cluster


Omicron Galaxy


Omicron Galaxy

CO: Galaxy Commander Julia Danforth
CO: Star Colonel Peter Spaatz
CO: Star Colonel Kylie Suvorov
CO: Star Colonel Olson Khatib


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