Omicron Provisional Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)

Omicron Provisional Galaxy.jpg
Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Formed 3010
Disbanded 3074[1]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Clan Blood Spirit touman


The Blood Spirits signed a deal with Clan Snow Raven in 2980 that saw large quantities of war matériel flow through to York, the last shipment of which was used to create Omicron Galaxy arrived in 3010,[2] although it was still one of the first second line formation to be created in the Blood Spirit touman.[3] In 3059 the Galaxy still held a record of never having lost a Trial of Possession against other Clans while defending. This exceptional record was a matter of pride to the unit and because of this their Galaxy Commander was enraged to be left out of the Burrock Absorption.[3]

The Galaxy was given the honor of retaking the Arcadia enclave from Clan Star Adder in 3066,[4] however the Adders faded at the assault refusing a pitched battle. After a year of such tactics Omicron was reinforced by Upsilon Galaxy. Together they managed to secure the enclave, but at the cost of weakening the York defenses.[5]

In 3069 the Galaxy was led by Khan Karianna Schmitt on Albion capturing several industrial complexes from Clan Star Adder.[6] The holdings on Albion came under several attacks from 3070 to 3072 by Adder forces.[7]

In early 3073 the Galaxy was equipped with four new ProtoMech Clusters and launched an assault on Eden against the Star Adder and Clan Hell's Horses enclaves, showing no mercy to the Adders in retribution for the bombardment of York. Leaving the 171st Crimson Guards on Eden the Galaxy moved to Arcadia to rendezvous with saKhan Constans Cluff and the remnant of Omega Galaxy. When they made planetfall they found a dead world, but were soon ordered to move to Albion. Here they fought and won a Trial of Possession with naval elements of Clan Cloud Cobra for a passage to the planet. On reach the planet the Galaxy made a combat drop straight onto one of the Adder enclaves, which fell quickly.[8] A week later the Galaxy moved against the second Adder enclave, here the fighting was more fierce, the 98th Crimson Guards were wiped out in an ambush that saw the Adders blow up a large portion of the city to prevent its capture, other Clusters took heavy damage from aerospace attack before the Spirit withdrew and obliterated both Adder enclaves with orbital bombardment.[9]

The Galaxy then moved to Tokasha in mid-3074, joining with Zeta and Omega Galaxies in an attempt to take control of the entire planet.[10] Their plans on Tokasha were halted by the arrival of ilKhan Andrews and a Clan Steel Viper task force in September 3074 who declared a Trial of Possession for the entire planet. All three Spirit Galaxies were bid in defense. Initially the Galaxy managed to flank the Vipers' Beta Galaxy but was caught in a crushing counterattack by Nu Galaxy the Galaxy was surrounded an reduced to only a handful of warriors who managed to escape during a friendly air strike, but Omicron was destroyed as a force.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Josh Kemp 3059 - 3067[3][11]
Galaxy Commander Darrin Keller 3073[8]


Excelling at defense, the warriors of Omicron have learned to misdirect enemies about their locations and are capable of forcing their enemies onto unfavorable ground.[3]

Composition History[edit]



  • 21st Crimson Guards
  • 98th Crimson Guards
  • 171st Crimson Guards


In early 3073 the Galaxy was equipped with an additional four new ProtoMech Clusters,[8] including:

By 3074 Omicron was entirely built around ProtoMechs.[1]


Adept at moving their forces - each consecutive turn Omicron Galaxy wins the initiative they may move one unit last, e.g. if they win the initiative for four turns they may move four units last.[12]


Because of Omicron's defensive nature and use of confusion on the battlefield, it uses appropriate camo, with the shoulders and heads of its 'Mechs painted in a blood red which then has black triangles stenciled over the red. Red slashes on the legs represent kills credited to the pilot.[citation needed]


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