Omiko Kurita

Omiko Kurita
Character Profile
Also known as "Omi Kurita"
Born 21 December 3027[1]
Died 15 March 3064[2]
Affiliation House Kurita
Profession Keeper of the Family Honor
Parents Theodore Kurita (father)
Tomoe Sakade (mother)
Siblings Franklin Sakamoto (half-brother)
Hohiro Kurita
Minoru Kurita
Spouse Victor Steiner-Davion (lover)
Children Kitsune Kurita

Omiko Kurita, also known as Omi Kurita, was the daughter of Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade and the secret lover of Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, although that relationship gradually became widely known and somewhat accepted.

Early Life[edit]

Because of her parents' marriage in secret, Omi did not spend her early years at court on Luthien. She was presented to Takashi Kurita at the same time that Theodore announced his marriage.

It's likely that Constance Kurita was grooming Omi as a potential successor to her role as Keeper of the Family Honor even before this.

The Fox's Heir[edit]

Omi accompanied her father and brother to Outreach in 3051 and there met Victor Steiner-Davion. Affection and a close friendship quickly developed although both knew that a marriage would be politically impossible. Although Omi's brother Hohiro Kurita objected to the relationship at first it was eventually a contributor to his own friendship with Victor.

Theodore and Hanse Davion discussed the relationship and decided that although a marriage was impossible as things stood that their wives would not approve of interference. Later in the Clan Invasion, when Hohiro was trapped on Teniente by Clan Nova Cat, Omi appealed to Victor for assistance in a rescue mission. Theodore permitted this but in exchange required Omi to break off contact from Victor. However, in honor of Victor's rescue of Hohiro, Takashi Kurita appointed Omi to administer a fund to pay for the education of the children of the Lyran Guards who fought with Victor, tacitly permitting her to resume contact.

Omi visited the Federated Commonwealth in 3056, visiting Kai Allard-Liao on Solaris and also meeting Victor's brother Peter Steiner-Davion. She aided Kai in averting Peter's intended invasion of Free Worlds League space. She then accompanied Theodore to the First Whitting Conference on Tharkad and had several private rendezvous with Victor.

When Victor visited Luthien in preparation for Operation BULLDOG a number of assassins attempted to kill them during a private rendezvous. Omi killed at least one of the assassins by decapitating him with a katana, although Victor was severely wounded. Following this, Omi attempted public suicide in shame that her feelings for Victor had led to such opposition but public support for her and her father's reforms made it unnecessary to proceed (although the attempt was staged, had support not emerged she would have followed through).

Omi consummated her relationship with Victor following this and when Victor was dethroned by his sister Katherine Steiner-Davion he made his home with her until he joined ComStar.

The Dragon's Diplomat[edit]

In 3058, she was sent by her father to arrange a contract with the Northwind Highlanders against Clan Smoke Jaguar.[3]

Following the private marriage between Omi's brother Hohiro and Fiona, Fiona and Omi evidently became firm friends; when the marriage was finally revealed in 3079, Fiona would recount how the two of them had supported each other during the war against Clan Smoke Jaguar.[4]


She was assassinated during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War by the same person who murdered Melissa Steiner and Ryan Steiner, under contract of Katherine Steiner-Davion. She secretly gave birth to Victor's child before dying in 3064.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Keeper of the Family Honor

Succeeded by

Personality and Traits[edit]

The strength of the Dragon flows as deeply in her veins as in any warrior's.
  — Narimasa Asano, in regards to Omi Kurita


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