Onslaught: Tales from the Clan Invasion!

Onslaught: Tales from the Clan Invasion!
Product information
Type EPUB Anthology
Author (various)
Pages 163
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code BT_Onslaugh
First published 11 September 2013
MSRP 2.99
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 19 October 3028 - 1 December 3054

Onslaught: Tales from the Clan Invasion! is an EPUB anthology of seven stories that had previously been published via BattleCorps, with a brief introduction:

In accordance with the thematic setting, the stories mostly take place in 3050 or 3051, though flashback scenes from one story go back as far as 3028.

Book description[edit]

In 1990 Michael A. Stackpole's novel Lethal Heritage introduced readers to the Clans, genetically enhanced MechWarriors from beyond the Periphery who returned to the Inner Sphere to conquer the Successor States. With advanced BattleMechs and unstoppable skills, they crushed all who stood in their way — changing the BattleTech universe forever.

Now, in Onslaught: Tales of the Clan Invasion!, seven stories have been gathered from the BattleCorps fiction website to showcase this universe-altering event. Seven stories of incredible attacks from beyond known space. Seven stories of unremitting heroism in the face of defeat.

Seven stories of the onslaught of the Clans.