Operation: Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint cover.jpg
Operation: Flashpoint
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 99
Cover Artwork Andrea Fronc
Illustrations Storn Cook
Scott James
Brad McDevitt
Matthew Plog
Christina Wald
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1721
First published 2000
Era 3063


The year is 3063. The FedCom Civil War had begun. The fight extends through the Federated space. Brother against sister, families divided... on Kaumberg, the local nobility was too evenly divided. And after an ambitious pro-Lyran noble launch a surprise attack against the Pro-Davion leaders, a mercenary unit on planet had to choose side, no matter what they want. Will they join the pro-Davion side? Or the Lyran? His decision may change the destiny of the planet.

And, like this, Operation Flashpoint has begun.

From the back cover[edit]

Take your own unit through an epic campaign set against the backdrop of the cataclysmic civil war engulfing the two most powerful Houses in the BattleTech Universe.

Now the government of Kaumberg is dissolving beneath the strife that rocks the Inner Sphere...will your unit survive when brother begins to fight brother?

Operation: Flashpoint goes beyond the traditional BattleTech scenario packs. Rather than reliving historical exploits of established units, this book allows you to carve your own swath through the chaos that threatens to rip a planet apart.


  • 3062 In Review
  • How to Run Operation: Flashpoint
    • Using The Tracks
    • The Lead-Inn
    • Making Changes
      • Alternate Timeline
      • The Other Side
      • Altering Scenarios
    • Integrating MechWarrior Campaigns
    • Campaign Special Rules
      • Public Opinion
      • Waging the Grass-Roots War
      • Controlling the Media
      • The Effects of Public Opinion
      • Honors of War
      • Tactical Withdrawal and Retreats
      • Clan Honor
      • Forcing the Initiative
      • Off-map Movement
      • Overrun Combat
    • Gamemastering The Campaign
      • The Contract
      • Running the Operation
      • When Things Go Wrong
  • Generating Opposing Forces
    • Determining Player Unit Strength
      • Battle Value System
      • Force Points System
    • Determining Opposing Force Strength
      • Selecting Elementals
      • Force Sizes
      • Experience Level
      • Force Composition
    • Using Force Listings
      • Equipment Ratings and Standard Unit Values
      • Element Selections
  • From Unrest to Rebellion
    • Track 1 Special Rules
    • Scenario 1: Flashpoint
    • Scenario 2: The Great Escape
    • Scenario 3: Jailbreak!
    • Scenario 4: Desperate Call
    • Scenario 5: On a Mission of Mercy Wrap-up
  • Hunter/Killers
    • Track 2 Special Rules
    • Track Variations
    • Lead-Ins
    • Scenario 1: Breakthrough
    • Scenario 2: Hit or Run?
    • Scenario 3: Desperate Call, Revisited
    • Scenario 4: Seize and Defend
    • Wrap-up
  • Down to the Wire
    • Track 3 Special Rules
    • Track Variations
    • Scenario 1: Hold The Line
    • Scenario 2: Final Stand
    • Scenario 3: Breaking News
    • Scenario 4: One Last Duel...
    • Wrap-up
  • Brother Against Brother Against Brother
    • Track 4 Special Rules
    • Track Variations
    • Lead-Ins
    • Scenario 1: Contested Landing
    • Scenario 2: The Final Appeal
    • Scenario 3: A Clash of Titans
    • Scenario 4: For The Motherland!
    • Wrap-up