Operation BÀOYÌNG

Operation BÀOYÌNG
Part of Dark Age
Start Date February 3149
End Date March 3149
Result Capellan Confederation gains six Republic worlds rimward of Terra
Capellan Confederation Republic of the Sphere
Commanders and leaders
Chancellor Daoshen Liao
Forces involved
Capellan Confederation Armed Forces Republic Armed Forces

Operation BÀOYÌNG was an offensive launched in February 3149 by the Capellan Confederation against the Republic of the Sphere.


When the Republic of the Sphere mounted a series of attacks against its various neighbors in January 3149, Capellan Chancellor Daoshen Liao reacted with cautious optimism. Believing that the Wall had finally been deactivated and that the chance had arrived to destroy the Republic once and for all, Daoshen ordered several Capellan JumpShips to visit previously inaccessible Republic systems. When the vessels returned safely, Daoshen and the Strategios set in motion their plans for the invasion of the Republic and the conquest of Terra itself.[1]

Operation BÀOYÌNG, Wave One[edit]

Codenamed BÀOYÌNG (Mandarin for 'retribution'), the first wave of this assault began in February and encompassed six Republic systems across the pre-Wall border: Elgin, Capolla, Hall, Outreach, Terra Firma and Epsilon Eridani. CCAF line regiments undertook the invasions with Warrior House Orders assigned to the more difficult objectives as well.[1]

While each planet soon fell to the Capellans, the RAF managed to ambush or otherwise hamper their CCAF opponents on Hall, Outreach and Epsilon Eridani. Aside from these incidents however there was a suspicious lack of strong resistance, leading Daoshen and the Strategios to conclude that Devlin Stone was luring them towards much more powerful defenses closer to Terra. Accordingly in late March Daoshen postponed BÀOYÌNG's planned second wave while reinforcing both the garrisons and the designated invasion forces on the newly conquered worlds.[1]

Fearing that further incursions into the Republic would bleed his armies dry, Daoshen decided to reach out to another power hostile to Devlin Stone's realm: the Draconis Combine. In April his ambassadors managed to secure an alliance, the Unity Pact, with House Kurita, leading to the replacement of BÀOYÌNG by a larger offensive against the Republic with the Confederation's new ally.[2]


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