Operation BIRD DOG

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A precursor to Operation BULLDOG, Operation BIRD DOG was a guerrilla assault intended to destabilize the defense of nine Clan Smoke Jaguar worlds in preparation for the main invasion.

Operation BIRD DOG
Part of The Clan Invasion
Start Date 13 May 3059[1]
Result A complete success for the Second Star League
Second Star League
Clan Smoke Jaguar


Launched on the 13th of May 3059, the day when BULLDOG received the final green light, nine ad hoc company strength commands jumped to Pirate Points around the Jaguar held worlds of Asgard, Hyner, Kiamba, Tarazed, Byesville, Luzerne, Virentofta, Hanover and Yamarovka. Their mission was to wage guerrilla campaigns against the Smoke Jaguar forces on these worlds, misleading the Jaguars into assuming that the best the newly united Inner Sphere could do was to persist with the minor raids they had attempted up until now.

Formed with volunteers from some of the best units from the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, the Davion Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, each command was outfitted with captured Clan and Draconis Combine produced OmniMechs to allow them to make best use of any captured Clan matériel and hopefully hold out until the main invasion force reached them.

BIRD DOG proved a complete success, with the units disrupting the operations of the Jaguars on each of the targeted worlds, capturing supplies and providing accurate intelligence on troop locations, crippling their ability to react to the first wave of Operation BULLDOG on May 20th, with the bulk of the nine units surviving until reinforcements arrived.[2]

Units taking part in Operation BIRD DOG[edit]

Provisional Company World Military Parent Command Relieved Outcome
Jake's Heavy Hitters[1] Asgard AFFC Davion Heavy Guards First Wave Two lances recovered
Dark Sword[1] Hyner DCMS Ryuken-yon First Wave Company recovered
Galedon Pride[1] Kiamba DCMS 5th Galedon Regulars First Wave Company destroyed
Donegal Vanguards[1] Tarazed LAAF 3rd Donegal Guards First Wave One lance recovered
The Swarm[1] Byesville DCMS 1st Amphigean LAG Second Wave Two lances recovered
Allen's Animals[1] Luzerne AFFC 3rd Davion Guards[3] Second Wave One lance recovered
McDaniels Group[1][4] Virentofta AFFC 1st FedSuns Armored Cavalry Second Wave Company recovered
Swift Spirits[1] Hanover DCMS 1st Ghost Regiment Second Wave Company destroyed
Raymond's Company[1] Yamarovka AFFC 1st Davion Guards Second Wave One lance recovered


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