Part of Dark Age
Start Date November 3144
End Date October 3145
Result Capellan Confederation conquers New Syrtis, Tikonov, Chesterton and other Federated Suns worlds.
Capellan Confederation Federated Suns
Commanders and leaders
Chancellor Daoshen Liao Duchess Amanda Hasek
Forces involved
Capellan Confederation Armed Forces Armed Forces of the Federated Suns

Operation CELESTIAL REWARD was a campaign of territorial expansion undertaken by the Capellan Confederation against the Capellan March. In the space of a single year beginning in November 3144, the CCAF successfully conquered numerous Federated Suns worlds, including key planets such as Tikonov, Chesterton and New Syrtis itself.


While centuries of enmity lay between the two realms, relations between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns during the first decade following the Blackout were relatively peaceful. Chancellor Daoshen Liao focused the CCAF's energies on reclaiming former Capellan worlds lost to the Republic of the Sphere. The Federated Suns, for its part, also took some of its former worlds from the Republic and were also engaged in fighting a low-level war in the Draconis Reach.[1]

By 3142, however, First Prince Caleb Davion decided to mount an invasion of the Capellan Confederation. Becoming obsessed with this project, he neglected his nation's deteriorating position along the border with the Draconis Combine, and was totally blindsided in March 3144 when the DCMS launched a massive invasion of the Draconis March. The First Prince attempted to stage his own counterstrike from Palmyra, only to perish along with his assembled army in the Palmyra Disaster.[2] [3] [4]

In the aftermath the Federated Suns were left rudderless and reeling from the ongoing Combine invasion. Chancellor Liao decided to exploit this window of opportunity and not merely redress the territorial losses of the Victoria War four decades earlier but also gut the Capellan March itself by taking New Syrtis.[5] [6]

Operation CELESTIAL REWARD[edit]

On 11 November 3144, the CCAF began a three-pronged assault against the Capellan March, aimed at the former Commonality capitals of Victoria and Tikonov and the Capellan March capital New Syrtis. By year's end the offensive had already netted several gains for the Confederation. Victoria fell to the CCAF in a one-sided struggle, as memories of that world's loss spurred the Capellan invaders into driving the AFFS defenders off-world. Spica also fell during this time, but the bulk of the Confederation's territorial gains were in the coreward region around Tikonov, including New Hessen, Demeter, and Chesterton.[5] [6] [7]

Early in 3145 momentum shifted to the New Syrtis thrust. Ignoring all other potential targets CCAF forces drove straight for the Capellan March capital and by mid-January had begun landing on New Syrtis. After a month of bitter fighting all over the planet, a Death Commando unit broke the defenders' morale by kidnapping their inspirational leader, Duchess Amanda Hasek. With her capture resistance to the Capellans largely collapsed, enabling the Confederation to claim New Syrtis by the end of February. Chancellor Liao himself arrived to preside over a show-trial of Duchess Hasek, condemning her to public beheading for her 'crimes' against the Confederation and his own person.[5]

The Tikonov thrust encountered more difficulties with the first assault in March being beaten off by the defenders, though Duke Aaron Sandoval was killed achieving this victory. Death Commando infiltrators later began rousing pro-Capellan sentiment on the world and undermining the defense, ensuring that Tikonov was taken by a second invasion in October even as other Capellan March systems continued to fall.[8] [6]


By the end of 3145, Operation CELESTIAL REWARD had effectively ended in triumph for the Capellan Confederation. Not only had two former Commonality capitals been returned to Capellan rule, but the conquest of Chesterton fulfilled a Capellan foreign policy goal dating back to before the Star League. Added to this was the Capellan achievement of conquering New Syrtis for the first time in history.[6][9]


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