Operation CONCENTRATED WEAKNESS was a Lyran military strategy implemented by Archon Alessandro Steiner in the early thirty-first century. [1]

Part of Third Succession War
Start Date 3002
End Date 3006 or later
Planet Several
Result Lyran Commonwealth loses
Lyran Commonwealth Free Worlds League
Commanders and leaders
Archon Alessandro Steiner Captain-General Janos Marik


By the year 3000, the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces was in a poor position. They had been engaged in the Third Succession War for 134 years, during the course of which the Commonwealth had lost many worlds to both the Draconis Combine and the Free Worlds League.[2] Operation FREEDOM, the offensive against House Kurita to retake former Lyran worlds, had had a few successes over the decades, but it had long since run out of momentum. [1] The policies of Lyran "social generals" continued to interfere with operations at all levels. Hesperus II, home of Defiance Industries, the foundation of the Commonwealth's military industry, had been attacked three times in the past few years, twice by Marik forces, then later by DCMS forces.[3] Archon Alessandro's invasion against the Marik stronghold of Kalidasa had hopelessly bogged down.[3] Most notably, the elite mercenary Eridani Light Horse had departed, publicly rebuking the incompetence of their Lyran commanders.[1] Morale both in the military and among the realm's citizens had plummeted.[4]

Clearly, Archon Alessandro had to take action. The plan he devised in 3002, Operation CONCENTRATED WEAKNESS, pulled troops from deep within the Commonwealth, massing them on the border with the Free Worlds League. The goal was to create an invincible wall of force that could repel any invasion or raid from House Marik. The cost was a virtually undefended interior, should an attacking force strike far past the borders. This was somewhat similar to a stratagem employed by Archon Marcus Steiner during the Second Succession War.[1] [4] Eventually, it would allow the Commonwealth to launch a major assault against House Marik.[5] [1]


The strategy had initial successes, repulsing attacks at Loric and Solaris VII. [1] [4]

Unfortunately, there were many consequences this strategy had for the Commonwealth. There was great opposition and discontent with the plan among the Estates General, further sapping the Archon's political capital. Even many in the LCAF command expressed their doubts. [1] [4] Many worlds, stripped of their normal garrisons, experienced unrest and protests. [1]

The worst came in 3006, when Captain-General Janos Marik ordered deep raid attacks on several important Lyran worlds far from their border. The worlds of Bolan, Pollux and Coventry, among others, were all attacked, with the Coventry Metal Works BattleMech factory taking damage from the 4th Regulan Hussars, [4] a unit virtually unknown that far inside Lyran space. The effects on the military and citizenry was devastating. [5][6][7]


So devastating were the political consequences for Archon Alessandro that his niece, Katrina Steiner was able to usurp him in a bloodless coup in 3007. Ironically, this would come back to haunt the Free Worlds League as Katrina proved far more formidable than her uncle. [8][5]


  • According to popular rumor, Archon Katrina sent Janos Marik a case of Tharkan Ice Schnapps for "services rendered to the Lyran people" after ascending the throne, though there was never any official record of this.[6]


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