Operation DOPPELGANGER was originally a plot by Maximilian Liao to replace Hanse Davion with a double. In 3015, the Maskirovka abducted seven scientists from Sanilac, a world in the Federated Suns. Maximilian coerced the scientists to create the double. The Maskirovka then inserted this double in the Davion Summer Palace on Argyle.[1] In 3025 the double's existence was discovered by Ardan Sortek.[2] The Capellan plan required that the false Hanse Davion truly believe he was the real thing, so he was subjected to several extreme personality modifications including brainwashing.[3][4]

In 3027, inspired by a report from Quintus Allard, Simon Johnson and Katrina Steiner selected Jeana Clay to become the body double for Melissa Steiner. Like the original Capellan plan the volunteer's previous existence was eliminated,[5] but unlike the Capellan plan, the body double was a volunteer and therefore wasn't brainwashed.

A similar tactic was used decades later in Operation GEMINI to conceal the death of Joshua Marik.


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