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Part of The Dark Age, Dark Age era
Start Date July 3137[citation needed]
End Date 19 May 3140[citation needed]
  • Lyran Commonwealth makes significant territorial gains in former Free Worlds space
  • Marik-Stewart Commonwealth dissolves
  • Free Worlds League reunited under Oriente's leadership
  • Clan Wolf turns against Lyran Commonwealth
Lyran Commonwealth
Clan Wolf
Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey
Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Free Worlds League (from 3139)
Commanders and leaders

Forces involved

Operation HAMMERFALL was a mid-thirty-second century military campaign launched by the Lyran Commonwealth to weaken and prevent its neighboring former Free Worlds League states from reuniting. The Lyrans commenced operations against the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey and Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in July 3137, capturing the former's capital and forcing Tamarind-Abbey to seek a cease-fire by the end of the year. The Lyran conquest of Marik-Stewart worlds proceeded more slowly, until the surprise arrival of their ally Clan Wolf in February 3138 heralded a surge in their advance. By mid-year the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth had fallen apart and was divided between the Lyran-Wolf conquerors and other neighboring powers.

Ironically the Lyran Commonwealth's triumphs ensured the ultimate failure of HAMMERFALL's strategic objective. The Lyran-Wolf invasion bolstered Captain-General Jessica Halas-Hughes' own efforts to re-form the Free Worlds League under Oriente's leadership, and even as the invaders continued advancing she succeeded in her goal. In July 3139 most of the former League states merged together into one nation again. Nonetheless the resurrected Successor State's resistance proved unable to halt the Lyran-Wolf advance, until Clan Wolf itself finally tired of its ill-treatment by its ally and abruptly ended HAMMERFALL by turning upon the Lyran Commonwealth.

Campaign Planned Objectives[edit]

General Heinrick and his team from the strategic planning section of Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces high command created principles of the operation. The principles of Hammerfall was to weaken both the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey and the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth so they would be unable to strike against Lyran Commonwealth. The military operation, as planned, was to include three waves:

  • First Wave: Call on Lyran forces to punch through space or "wedge" between the Duchy and Marik-Stewart. Claiming worlds between the two states to prevent coordination of the two states' armies should they try unite against the Lyrans, while at the same time striking both states' borders. The world of Helm was earmarked as being the furthest world Lyran forces would strike. The forces the worlds of Concord, Bondurant, and Danais, which are known locations for the Silver Hawk Irregulars to be based out of.

A military operation running parallel to Hammerfall would take Republic worlds near Clan Jade Falcon's descant. Taking these worlds would deny Clan Jade Falcon from taking them and expanding their reach. General Heinrick controlled scheduling of the planned invasions, and would use these worlds as staging points for further strikes to be conducted from them. These worlds include: New Kyoto, Algorab, and Vindemiatrix.

  • Second Wave: Invasion forces stationed spinward of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth would penetrate deeply into the nation, cutting it in two. Forces in the "wedge" between the Commonwealth and the Duchy would shift towards Tamarind, hitting their capital world.
  • Final Wave: Lyran forces in the Commonwealth would shift to surround the world of Marik, cutting it off from the rest of the nation.

Lyran leadership, however, was not informed of Clan Wolf being involved with the invasion.

Campaign History[edit]

Regimental Units Assigned[edit]

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces


The operation was conceived by Archon Melissa Steiner as means to strengthen her House in face of multiple threats looming after collapse Republic of the Sphere and fall of HPG network. The operation included a secret alliance with Clan Wolf, who would move from their Occupation Zone through Lyran space to occupy worlds on the League border.

It was also designed to tie up political rival and opponent of her policies, Duke Vedet Brewer of Hesperus II, by having him lead the military campaign into Free Worlds League space. Trillian Steiner was sent to both Clan Wolf-In-Exile and Duke Vedet to pitch the operation.

Clan Wolf-in-Exile Khan Patrik Fetladral meet with the Archon on Tharkad in January, 3137 to formalize their plans to invade.

The LCAF began bring up regiments to staging bases along the Marik border between late 3136 and early 3137.

First Wave[edit]

In July 3137, Lyran forces begin to invade the "Wedge" area and in the Commonwealth. Lyran forces being led by Duke Vedet and his First Hesperus Guards were coded named "Gauntlet" while forces penetrating Marik-Stewart Commonwealth named Anvil.

By July 3137, Lyran forces had landed in Free Worlds League. Duke Vedet, led Gauntlets forces with his newly formed First Hesperus Guards regiment and invade the world of Shasta. While the 3rd Lyran Regulars with General Nordhoff's company landed on Gallatin and meets heavy resistance from local defender, who turned out to be elements of the Silver Hawk Irregulars. In running hit and run battle, they escaped on waiting DropShips.

The 2nd Lyran Regulars over course of three days of fighting took the world of Saltillo and other forces seized Alorton.

In August, Duke Vedet's forces invaded and wiped out the Millungera militia to last man. While General Nordoff's Third Regulars again engaged in heavy fighting with Silver Hawk Irregulars on Uhuru. The Third taking heavy damage, causing the invasion timetable to be setback. The appearance of the Silver Hawks on Uhuru has taken Lyran officials including their intelligence agency back by surprise.

Roderick Frost in conference with Trillian Steiner and her aid Klaus Wehner figure out that Silver Hawks in the Commonwealth are being used as morale booster, resistance, and guerrilla warfare instead of traditional fighting. The Hawks appear to bleeding Lyran forces and making worlds that Lyran captured harder hold.

Second Wave[edit]

Between September - early October of 3137 - Third Lyran Regulars were assisted in conquest of Marik-Stewart world of Bondurant by the 1st Hesperus Guards due to lack of reinforcements from Royals units. The campaign for Bondurant was brutal on both units, leaving the Third at only 40 percent operational. Though ending in victory, both units were damaged and needed rest and refit. The Royals regiments were deployed to old Skye of the Republic take key worlds there to deny Clan Jade Falcon forces in the Falcon's Reach from gathering more resources. They took such worlds such as Algorab. Auxiliary Battalion B1, also known as the Broken Swords Battalion were deployed to take the world of Labouchere and faced off with militia unit called Fangs of Marik. While the 5th Lyran Regulars struck the world of Niihau.

Final Wave[edit]

In November, Trillian Steiner traveled to Tamarind to meet with Duke Fontaine Marik, leader of Duchy to convince him to surrender. Broken Swords battalion, on orders by Trillian, traveled days behind her in case she needed aid. The 2nd Royals Regiment are ambushed while during their drop on Vindemiatrix. Clan Jade Falcon forces intercepted their forces as they made landing to drop zone, taking 50 percent casualties.

3rd Lyran Regulars with Fourth Royals invades Simpson Desert. While 1st Hesperus Guards deploy to aid Second Royals.

Late November through December, Broken Sword Battalion arrives and ends up fighting 1st Tamarind Regulars around capital of city of Zanzibar on Tamarind. They end up rescuing Trillian Steiner and her aide.

On Danais from 6th, Duke's Guard forces took capital city of Breckenridge. However, the city became a trap as supplies had been stripped, facilities sabotaged and population began to rally against the raiders occupying their capital city. Elements of the Silver Hawk Irregulars and planetary militia known as "Daredevils of Danais" had begun doing raids on Guard forces.

The Duke Vedet, being desperately for supplies and support, called on the reserve troops that were set aside for both the 3rd Lyran Regulars and his own forces. He felt that they would not be needed for conquest of Tamarind. Thinking that Broken Swords Battalion had damaged the defenders enough for the Third to take planet without support.

By December 14th, two battalions of the 3rd Lyrans Regulars arrive with General Nordhoff commanding, attempt to "rescue" situation on Tamarind. After arriving on Harvison Flats, where Roderick forces clashed with Tamarind's defenders, but they did not find evidence of the unit's destruction. Third Lyrans are then attacked by the 1st Tamarind Regulars entire regiment, which was not damaged as Third's commander had hoped. Broken Swords using their DropShips slipped behind 1st Tamarind's rear flank. Then Hauptmann Roderick Frost, reveals he his Steiner, he rallies both Lyran forces to slice the defending regiment in half. In midst of the battle, now knowing he had left member of the Steiner family to die, General Nordhoff flees the battle & planet with trusted several officers and warriors. Leaving Roderick Steiner in command of Third Regulars, later taking city of Zanzibar. Where Trillian Steiner brokers an armistice with Duke Fontaine Marik's advisor which ends conflict in Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.

In March, 3138, Archon has passed word of Clan Wolf had enter the war Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and all forces were to treat them as nonhostile allies. Clan Wolf forces would begin taking worlds within the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth at time word of the announcement reach Lyran forces.

Lyran forces had become bogged down by heavy resistance within Marik-Stewart Commonwealth as well trouble with Clan Jade Falcon forces coming from the Falcon's Reach within the former Republic space.

The 1st Hesperus Guards and a Clan Wolf Cluster commanded by Star Colonel Alaric Wolf, would first see action together on Helm in April. However, Wolves & Lyran forces were not cooperating due to political, cultural, and the personal issues between commanding officers: Duke Vedet & Alaric Wolf. Clan Wolf attacked Helm's capital city of Helmsdown, but was rebuffed by heavy resistance Silver Hawk Irregulars hidden among civilian farmers.

By May 22nd, Trillian Steiner had called in 1st Steiner Strikers, led by Colonel Roderick Steiner to try move invasion of Helm. Two days later, battle for capital city resumed, with it ending all the city's defenders destroyed by Alaric Wolf heavy handedness. The destruction of the Silver Hawks units after surrendering to Lyran and Wolf forces would later be noted as the Helm Massacre.[1][2]

By June 5th: "Coalition" forces from Helm moved to relocated capital of the Commonwealth on Stewart. Lyran/Wolf forces invaded city of New Edinburgh, trying to capture Captain-General Anson Marik. Lyran & Wolf forces continued to operate as separate task forces on the ground. The invasion forces, fought Silver Hawk companies defending the city. Duke Vedet was nearly killed by bomb planted within motorcade reportedly transporting the Captain-General to safety. Vedet led forces into New Edinburgh Palace, where they try to root out Marik and some his surviving forces defending the palace. The invasion of palace ended with Anson Marik's life, effectively triggering the collapse of Marik-Stewart Commonwealth's government.[3][4]


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